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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DIY: Painted Chevron Canvas

I haven't been able to post about this (and a lot of crafty things) since we hand made a lot of our Christmas presents this year. Now that the holidays are over, I can finally share! My sister-in-law, Katelyn, has her own place now and was in need for some fun and colorful paintings to adorn her bare walls. I wanted to do a square canvas and use reds and oranges to match her other decor. My inspiration was these paintings found on Pinterest (find them here and here).

Tape is one of my favorite things to use when painting. I really like using geometric shapes and patterns when I paint because I can in no way, shape or form paint anything other than that, so tape is the perfect accomplice when I try to be artistic. 

I used masking tape (about 3/4" wide) directly on the blank canvas, but should have used the blue painters tape because it ended up leaking through just a bit (you'll see how I fixed it in a moment). First, I measured how far apart I wanted each vertical line. Then, I just eye-balled the chevron lines and taped them up! 

Next, I just randomly started painting the different reds and oranges on the canvas. I think I used five different shades of orange and red all together.  I actually kind of like it with the random blobs painted on over the tape, too.

Then I waited.... waited... waited... 

Finally! The fun part! Ripping off the tape - I liked how it turned out, but like I said, it bled through a little bit and wasn't as clean on the edges. I ended up using some off-white paint to go in between where the tape was to finish it off. 

Here you can see the difference between what it looked like right after taking the tape off (on the right) and what it looked like after a little paint (on the left). Much better.

So crisp and clean. I love how it turned out (and so did she!). Have you painted anything lately? Do you stick with geometrics like me or do more of a free paint (if the later, impressive!)?


  1. I love it Megan! Thanks for sharing my wall art, glad you found it inspiring!



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