Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gummy Bear Nursery Ideas

Hey guys! I'm back with a little nursery update. All of a sudden I've got the nesting bug, big time! With about 10 weeks to go (say what?!?!!) until the Gummy Bear gets here, I've got it bad. All I want to do is get the nursery ready for him to be here! But, first comes busy season (which ends in a few weeks, thank goodness) and then comes rearranging most of our house to make room for the new kiddo. The guest room will be moving to our converted garage/storage room, Em's big girl room is moving to the former guest room and the Gummy Bear's nursery will be in Em's current nursery. Lots of rearranging...

Since Gummy Bear will be moving into Emerson's old nursery, we are keeping the wall color the same (Martha Stewart Sea Glass, which is now discontinued...). I love that color so much and think it will go well with some navy, gray and wood accents instead of coral and yellow. 

Running with our Gummy Bear nickname, I want to do a Bear/Be Brave/Adventurer type theme for Gummy Bear's nursery. I don't think it will be super theme-y, but I'll start there and see how it goes! 

Here's some of the details of the little mood board I put together.

1. Navy and White Striped Curtains - I'm planning on making some of my own with some IKEA curtains I found last week. Hopefully much cheaper and not too hard to do!

2. Swivel Glider -  For Emerson's nursery we got my Mom's old wooden rocker from when she first had me (and we still have it). But, it wasn't super comfy, so I splurged for an upholstered glider. We actually put it together today and it's pretty comfortable!

3. Paint Color - Martha Stewart Sea Glass (now discontinued, unfortunately!)

4. Be Brave Wood Plank Art - I love this and maybe will attempt to make something myself? Or have Zach make it for me... :) 

5. Bears Art Print - Love this one so much!

6. Bear Cub Little Darling Print - I've always been a fan of the The Animal Print Shop and can't wait to incorporate this one into the nursery!

7. Herringbone Rug - I found this beauty from Target. Since the room so small, we got the 4x5 size and it is so soft and plush.

8. Let's Sleep Under The Stars Print - I think we all know how much I love Katie Daisy, so would love to have another one of her prints in the new nursery.

9. Bear Head - I love this Bear head taxidermy style wall decor. I'm also crushing on this one too.

10. Navy Patterned Pouf - I actually have had a similar navy pouf for a while now and think it will look great in the nursery.

11. Jenny Lind DaVinci Crib - This is Emerson's crib and hopefully if we time it right, we can transition Em to her big girl bed and use her old crib for the Gummy Bear! Fingers crossed!

12. Threshold Ikat Table Lamp - I picked up this beauty at Tar-Jay. 

13. IKEA Hemnes Navy Dresser - We picked up this guy recently. I would have loved to re-do another dresser like I did with Emerson's room, but I'm not up for the task this time around! Definitely taking the easy way out! But I'm glad that I found this one that came in blue. It will still add a little character to the room. 

That's it! Who knows when we will actually have time to get all this done (we'll have about six weeks post-busy season and pre-baby). All I know is I can't wait to put it all together! And mostly, I'm so excited for this little Gummy Bear to come join us!!! :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hello There! + 20 Weeks with the Gummy Bear

Hi there! Remember me??? It's been almost 5 months since I've written anything on this 'ol blog and I have to say I've missed it! I'm not saying I'm back for good, but hopefully I'll be posting a little more often than every 5 months! 

Let's see, what's happened in the last 5 months...? Well... Emerson turned ONE! Zach is half way through is first year of residency! Two of Zach's sisters got engaged! We made it through the holiday season in one piece! The Seahawks just made it to the Super Bowl AGAIN! And................. We are expecting Baby No. 2 (fondly referred to as the Gummy Bear)!!! It's been a busy 5 months and while the first trimester was rough with Emerson, it has been equally exhausting if not more with the Gummy Bear. I thought being pregnant was tiring enough but being pregnant with a one year old running around is flat out exhausting. At least I haven't been nearly as sick with Gummy Bear. 

Wondering why we call it the Gummy Bear? Here's your proof! :)

This was our 9 week ultrasound and I was so amazed that it looked like a little gummy bear! With Emerson our first ultrasound was at 8 weeks and she just looked like a little bean/alien. This little guy was already growing arm and leg buds! So awesome.

We just had our 20 week ultrasound and got to find out that we are having a baby BOY!!! We are so excited! I'm still a little in shock because whattheheckdoidowithaboy?!?! :)

I had a feeling that it would be a boy this time around just based on how different this pregnancy has been already. I wasn't as sick in the first trimester (and halfway through the second) as I was with Emerson (thank goodness!). I've been wanting more salty foods instead of sweet. My skin has been freaking out - very dry and my complexion is not great. I remember my complexion was amazing with Emerson. And some other little things that have just been different that I can't remember right now. :)

Since I'm already so behind on this pregnancy with my weekly bump photos and my interviews, I thought I'd do a little catch up! I doubt I'll be up for doing them every week like I did with Emerson (how nice it was to have all that free time!) but I'll try to keep up every few weeks.

20 Week Interview
How far along? 20 weeks
Baby’s size? A banana! 
Days until next doc appointment? 10 days
Total weight gain/loss? Last appointment I had a net gain of one (after losing a bunch of pounds from a 24 hour bug)
Maternity clothes?  I busted those maternity pants back out over Thanksgiving and haven't looked back! :)
Stretch marks?  Probably, I've lost count at this point.
Sleep:  Sleeping well since I'm so exhausted these days. Trying to go to bed early on nights that the Bachelor isn't on. :)
Best moment this week: Feeling him kick and become more active - by far my favorite part of the entire pregnancy.
Movement:  Significantly more this past week! It's the best!
Food cravings:  No cravings, but definitely not feeling the sweets. Salty foods all the way this time around.
Anything make you queasy or sick?  Some smells... like perhaps changing dirty diapers on a certain one year old... (gag)
Have you started to show yet?  Definitely. I feel like I "popped" a lot earlier this time around. I guess it's like they say that your body kind of already knows what to do. 
Missing anything?  Having more energy.
Gender: Little man!
Labor signs?  None yet
Belly button: Innie
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or moody most of the time?  Mostly happy, but definitely very emotional.
Weekly symptoms:  Just tired.
Looking forward to: Getting the house organized and the nursery together. Which means also getting Em's big girl room ready too! 

Now taking name suggestions too! Boys names are hard so let me hear what you've got! (Except for Logan Michael because my father in law has already worn that one out... and that will definitely NOT be his name) :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ten Months

So... I have a one year old now. Yeah.... so crazy! I can't believe how fast this past year has gone - so many changes and so much fun. Now it's time to force myself to finish up these last couple months of Monthly Updates for Emerson! I can't stop now! Must. Finish. All. So here we go!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIY Deep Diamond Tufted Headboard

Remember a couple months back when I shared my headboard inspiration with you guys? Well the time has finally come to share the finished product! A while ago I shared our gray tufted headboard that we DIY'd last fall to go with our queen bed. But since we got our new Cal King bed (as you can see it fits just right in our master bedroom...) we needed to come up with a headboard that wouldn't break the bank. The size and style we wanted would have probably cost over $1,000 if we were to buy the headboard. After DIY'ing the gray headboard, we knew we could make another one, so we made some plans. 

Full tutorial and more pictures after the jump...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Maternity Photos (One Year Later)

So this may be a little weird, but I realized I forgot to share with you guys my maternity photos! We only got them taken about a year ago... :) If you follow me on facebook, then you probably saw when I posted a link to them (you can see them here). But, I also want to share them on the ol' bloggy blog since this is my little diary. :) We used Katia Hudson (she also did Emerson's newborn photos) and she did an amazing job! We love how they turned out so much! Check her out if you are in the Centralia/Olympia area - she's awesome.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DIY Latch Board for Emerson

I'm back with a quick and fun little DIY project for all the little ones out there! I first saw this idea a couple years back on my favorite blog, Young House Love. At first when I saw it, I had no idea what it was - a bunch of hinges and latches on a board? Huh? Well, that was before I had a kid. And now that Emerson is here, I will do anything and everything to keep her occupied. New things are always welcome since she has the attention span of about 1.5 minutes (please share any other cool ideas you have for 11+ month olds)!

After work one day I picked up Em and headed straight to Home Depot to pick out some latches. I spent so long in the aisle (Em fell asleep) picking out a good assortment of different latches, hinges, and handles in varying finishes. I basically tried to find the cheapest ones (some of those are expensive!) that had a lot of movement, would be fun to un-hook/re-hook, and weren't too sharp for Emerson to use. I think I spent about $30-40 in total on latches. 

We had some leftover wood scraps laying around from our headboard and console table projects, so I commissioned Zach to build me a little platform after laying out all the hinges and latches where I wanted them to get a good idea of how big I wanted the platform. I think it ended up being about 2 feet x 1 foot.

I'm kind of obsessed with this color lately - Tropical Rain Forest from Valspar. It's bright and vibrant and almost like a kelly green, but with more teal. I love it.  A couple coats and it was good to go! Maybe we should have just left it as a platform for Em! :)

Layout your hinges to get a good idea of what you want the board to look like before you start screwing in everything. As you can see, I played around with it quite a bit. Also, make sure to keep all the nails and screws close to the hinges so you don't lose them or get them mixed up!

Pretty self explanatory. I started using the power drill, but it was running out of batteries (always happens right when I want to work on a project). Using a regular screwdriver seemed to work better, though since it didn't split the wood as much. I added a little piece of pom pom trim I had leftover from Emerson's pom pom curtains I made for her nursery to add a little texture. I also added the E wrapped in twine which is actually a pin on letter for Christmas Stockings, but it was a little too heavy for our stockings to hold the weight. It fits perfect on her board!

Emerson seems to like it (off and on when she is in the mood). Her favorite part is the doorstop. She loves flicking it to make it go Boing! and after each time she claps! It's so cute. She also loves the wheel. I love that it is substantial and will take a lot of wear and tear over the years. Check out my instagram feed for a cute video of Em having fun with her Latch Board!

Have you made any fun baby toys lately? Or, do you have any suggestions for awesome toys that your baby loves? One of the reasons I wanted to make this, is because it's made of non-traditional items, and these days it seems like that is all Emerson wants to play with! She loves the bottom drawer in the kitchen filled with (safe for baby) kitchen utensils! It's her favorite. So I'm hoping she will like this for years to come!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Nine Months

I'm so behind, that Emerson took her first solo steps tonight!!! She's currently 10 months old (almost 11 months). The most she took was six steps in a row! We'll see how long it takes for her to really get the hang of it and then she'll be unstoppable - and we'll be in trouble!

But anyways... I'm slowly catching up with my monthly posts. Emerson turned nine months on 5.25.14 and she was 19 lbs 12 oz and 29 1/2 inches! Still in the 98th percentile for height! Here's some of the fun stuff she was up to this month...


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