Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Boy or Girl???

Before we get to the meat and potatoes of this post, I thought I'd share our two ultrasound photos with you. It's still so crazy to me! Is this real?! The top one is at 8 weeks, the bottom is at 12 weeks. Our next one is next week (19.5 weeks) and we get to find out if Little BK is a boy or girl! I can hardly wait!

Last month I found these old wives tales on (find them here). So one night Zach and I decided to go through the list and write our results down to see how accurate they were. You know, just for funsies. I mean, it's a 50/50 chance, right? :) So here are our results (ours are in bold)...

Sleep Position: Right Side - Girl, Left Side - Boy

Upset Stomach: Extreme Nausea - Girl, Boy

Soft or Dry Hands: Soft Hands - Girl, Dry Hands - Boy

Food Cravings: Craving Citrus - Girl, Boy

Adult Acne: Breakouts - Girl, Boy

Graceful or Clumsy: Graceful - Girl, Clumsy - Boy

Face Weight Gain: Fuller Face - Girl, Boy

Sugar vs. Spice: Sweet - Girl, Salty - Boy

Mood Swings: Moody - Girl, Boy

High or Low Belly: Carrying High - Girl, Carrying Low - Boy ???

Baby Weight: Carry in middle - Girl, Carry in Front - Boy ???

Pendulum Test: Circle - Girl, Straight Line - Boy

Hand Model: Palms Up - Girl, Palms Down - Boy

Pick up a Key: Long End - Girl, Round End - Boy

Age and Year of Conception: Both even/Both odd - Girl, Odd/Even - Boy

Baby's Heartbeat: > 150/min - Girl, < 150/min - Boy

Stress Test: Less stressed (mama) - Girl, Less stressed (daddy) - Boy

Breast Size: Right Larger - Girl, Left Larger - Boy

Overall Results:
Girl - 3
Boy - 13

According to the Old Wive's Tales, we are having a BOY! :) Haha. But we'll see what we're really having next week. Seriously, I can't wait!

Zach says whatever the mother's feeling is, is usually right. I'm feeling like it's a boy, but I have flip flopped a little. Oh, and for the record, Zach and I both want a boy, although we'll definitely be happy with either! I think I just want to know more than anything!!!

What about you - did you find out the sex of your baby, or did you wait (or have to wait) until the birth? I always said I would want to wait, but right when I got pregnant, I wanted to know! :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekly Bump Photos (Week 17)

Here we are at week 17! Time is moving pretty fast right now. Busy season definitely helps with that. Only a month to go before the big tax deadline, thank goodness. I decided to do a weekly (or so) check in along with my bump pictures. I found this weekly "interview" from my friend, Sydney's blog and thought it was a great idea! Such a good way to document all the changes, without having to be too creative about it. Haha. It's more for me really, so I can remember this time of our lives years from now. So feel free to skip over it if you get sick of too much baby info. :)

17 Week Interview
How far along? 17 weeks
Baby’s size? A sweet potato(!) Seems so big compared to the poppy seed we started out with :) 
Days until next doc appointment? It was today, but the next one is in a couple weeks - when we find out if we are having a little Dude or Dudette!
Total weight gain/loss? Right now, net zero - I lost 5 pounds when I was so sick (who knew pregnancy could be a diet?!), but now have gained it back.
Maternity clothes?  Not yet, although I am sporting the Belly Band.
Stretch marks?  None so far.
Sleep:  I haven't had trouble going to sleep, thank goodness, but I do wake up a couple times a night to turn over.
Best moment this week:  Seeing my bump get a little bigger and seeing Zach get so excited to meet him/her.
Movement:  I can't feel anything yet... but can't wait til I do!
Food cravings:  No real cravings, but french fries are the only thing that sounds really good. Still having more food aversions than anything.
Anything make you queasy or sick?  Still getting sick... down to once a week now. If I don't keep my belly full, Little BK gets angry... eating every two hours helps.
Have you started to show yet?  A little bit!
Missing anything?  Liking the food I liked before I was prego. Waking up without feeling nauseous.
Gender: We find out in a couple weeks!!
Labor signs?  None yet
Belly button: Still an innie
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or moody most of the time?  Happy and anxious. Mostly just tired (dang you, tax season!)
Weekly symptoms:  Still a little nauseous, ongoing stuffy nose, tired...
Looking forward to:  Feeling Little BK kick!


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