Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One Month

Well, technically it has been six weeks now (already?!) - I'm just a little behind. :) I'm planning on doing a monthly recap for baby Emerson each month so I can actually remember what is going on in our lives and with her during this time. I loved doing it during my pregnancy with the weekly bump photos so can't wait to do it monthly now that she is here.

This is Kirby. I got Kirby from my Aunt Sue for my 1st birthday back in the day. Kirby is life size to say the least. I've had many many fun memories playing with Kirby throughout the years and was so glad that I saved him so I can pass him on to Em! I thought it would be awesome to take monthly pictures with Em to see how much she grows compared to Kirby.

So far, motherhood has been awesome. I love it. It was a little weird the first few weeks getting used to being home all day instead of at work and getting used to the new schedule (hello sleep deprivation!) but we are getting the hang of things now.

At her one month appointment Em was already up to 11.1 pounds and 22 1/4 inches (up from 7 lbs 6 oz at birth and 20.5 inches)! She's a growing girl! She is such an alert baby and was from the very beginning. She doesn't really like doing tummy time on the flat ground, but loves it when she is lying on our chests. Her neck is so strong already and her little legs are quite active - I think we will have a crawler on our hands before too long!

We are already getting some smiles out of her, which is my new favorite thing in the whole wide world. I don't care if it's just because she is pooping, it still makes my heart melt. We are even getting a few giggles now and then, which is awesome. Love it so much!

She is recognizing our faces now and can follow objects back and forth when we move them in front of her face. Em is such a good sleeper, once she is asleep. She can sleep through the dogs barking and our loud families, which is awesome. The trick is getting her to go to sleep... she doesn't want to miss anything! She is a big time grunter, especially in her sleep. She really tries hard when working things out! She is also a good eater (hello, 11 pounds already!) and we are going strong with the breastfeeding. So thankful that has been going well, especially since I was so nervous for it at first. Now it seems so natural. And the best part (besides that it is the best nutrition for baby) is that it is FREE! Amiright?!

Zach is completely smitten with her and is a huge baby hog. We are constantly fighting over who can hold her. Her grandparents on both sides come over often to see her (just her, not us) ;) which has been awesome. There is definitely no shortage of love for this little girl. We are so lucky to have such a loving family!

I can't believe it has already been six weeks with Emerson - time really is flying by. But we are looking forward to watching her grow. It's so fun already seeing her discover things - making eye contact with us and other objects, moving her arms and legs (very randomly) to some music, making grunting noises. It's so much fun and still so surreal to think that we created this beautiful little being! We are so thankful!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Bump Photo (Week 40)

Just had to finish what I started. :) So crazy to think that my little monkey fit in there some how!

Also, thought it would be fun to look back on the progress over weeks 8 - 40. So crazy how your body can change and adapt!

Here's beginning and end:

And here's the whole 40 week progression!


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