Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gummy Bear Nursery Ideas

Hey guys! I'm back with a little nursery update. All of a sudden I've got the nesting bug, big time! With about 10 weeks to go (say what?!?!!) until the Gummy Bear gets here, I've got it bad. All I want to do is get the nursery ready for him to be here! But, first comes busy season (which ends in a few weeks, thank goodness) and then comes rearranging most of our house to make room for the new kiddo. The guest room will be moving to our converted garage/storage room, Em's big girl room is moving to the former guest room and the Gummy Bear's nursery will be in Em's current nursery. Lots of rearranging...

Since Gummy Bear will be moving into Emerson's old nursery, we are keeping the wall color the same (Martha Stewart Sea Glass, which is now discontinued...). I love that color so much and think it will go well with some navy, gray and wood accents instead of coral and yellow. 

Running with our Gummy Bear nickname, I want to do a Bear/Be Brave/Adventurer type theme for Gummy Bear's nursery. I don't think it will be super theme-y, but I'll start there and see how it goes! 

Here's some of the details of the little mood board I put together.

1. Navy and White Striped Curtains - I'm planning on making some of my own with some IKEA curtains I found last week. Hopefully much cheaper and not too hard to do!

2. Swivel Glider -  For Emerson's nursery we got my Mom's old wooden rocker from when she first had me (and we still have it). But, it wasn't super comfy, so I splurged for an upholstered glider. We actually put it together today and it's pretty comfortable!

3. Paint Color - Martha Stewart Sea Glass (now discontinued, unfortunately!)

4. Be Brave Wood Plank Art - I love this and maybe will attempt to make something myself? Or have Zach make it for me... :) 

5. Bears Art Print - Love this one so much!

6. Bear Cub Little Darling Print - I've always been a fan of the The Animal Print Shop and can't wait to incorporate this one into the nursery!

7. Herringbone Rug - I found this beauty from Target. Since the room so small, we got the 4x5 size and it is so soft and plush.

8. Let's Sleep Under The Stars Print - I think we all know how much I love Katie Daisy, so would love to have another one of her prints in the new nursery.

9. Bear Head - I love this Bear head taxidermy style wall decor. I'm also crushing on this one too.

10. Navy Patterned Pouf - I actually have had a similar navy pouf for a while now and think it will look great in the nursery.

11. Jenny Lind DaVinci Crib - This is Emerson's crib and hopefully if we time it right, we can transition Em to her big girl bed and use her old crib for the Gummy Bear! Fingers crossed!

12. Threshold Ikat Table Lamp - I picked up this beauty at Tar-Jay. 

13. IKEA Hemnes Navy Dresser - We picked up this guy recently. I would have loved to re-do another dresser like I did with Emerson's room, but I'm not up for the task this time around! Definitely taking the easy way out! But I'm glad that I found this one that came in blue. It will still add a little character to the room. 

That's it! Who knows when we will actually have time to get all this done (we'll have about six weeks post-busy season and pre-baby). All I know is I can't wait to put it all together! And mostly, I'm so excited for this little Gummy Bear to come join us!!! :)


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