Before + After: The Wing Back Lady

The day has finally come! After looking at this lady for months and months in all her teal glory, I finally made the change and she has blossomed into the wing back lady she was meant to be!

First, let's look back at where we started - my $25 Craigslist find with worn down padding under that well used teal fabric. 

Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the new and improved Wing Back Lady!

What do you think? A complete 180 right? I am so happy with how she turned out! She was definitely a labor of love and I couldn't have done it without the help of my amazing mom (she did all the sewing/piping) and of course, the husband, too (he helped some with the stapling). :) Thank you guys for helping out! If I didn't have them to help me, it would have taken me a couple more days on my own. As it was, the project took us probably around 18 man hours (that includes my mom sewing while I was cutting - double time, basically). 

Here's how the progress went down (in pictures). Full tutorial to come...

I'm declaring the rest of this week "Re-Upholstery Week" here on the blog. It's kind of like Shark Week, but way more intense and suspenseful. Get ready, people! I'll be doing a series of tutorials on how I re-upholstered the Wing Back Lady! Exciting, right?!

Let's talk about the Benjamin's, shall we? Here's a breakdown of the total cost:

Chair - $25
Fabric - $98.97
Foam - $12.50
Spray Paint - $0 (already owned, but would be about $5)
Staples - $4
Total Cost - $140.47

I'd say that's a pretty good price, wouldn't you? Some of my anthropologie inspiration chairs (remember this post?) range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to (gasp!) $1,900!!! Yeah... that's definitely not in my medical school budget. But $140 + a little bit of blood, sweat and tears laughter? Yes, please!

More to come with a ton of pictures and some major how-to. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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