Emerson's Photo Project

I wanted to keep up the tradition of taking weekly photos of Emerson so I can look back and see how much she has changed throughout her first year (similar to how I did with my weekly bump photos). This has become our little Sunday ritual - grabbing a cute outfit (she certainly has enough...), finding a fun backdrop (from blankets to rugs to scarves - basically anything with a cute pattern), and trying to get the little stinker to lay still long enough for Mommy to get a good clear photo (Daddy has to help)! 

You can follow along here or on Instagram - check my feed for weekly posts or check out #weeklyemerson. I find myself constantly checking back on them and I love being able to see how much she's changed, which is quite a bit!

I've also been doing a #monthlyemerson series of her in front of her huge bear, Kirby (he used to be mine when I was little). It's fun to also get a different perspective - to see how much she's grown in comparison to the same object over her first year. Those photos are mixed in as well below!

Have you done weekly or monthly photo projects??? I would LOVE to see. I think it is one of the coolest things I can give to Emerson one day because no matter how much of a cliche it is, babies really do change so fast!!!

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