Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Scrapbook Paper Letters for the Nursery

I'm back with yet another nursery project! I couldn't share this one with the rest of the nursery reveal since we didn't reveal Emerson's name until she was born. But, I definitely had this project done ahead of time! I'm pretty sure I accidentally left the letters out when my mom stopped by one day so she found out the name ahead of time... oh well. :) 

Paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby (around $2.50 each)
Acrylic craft paint (for the sides) and brush
Mod Podge
Foam brush
Scrapbook paper in coordinating colors

First, I painted the sides of each letter an off white.

Next, I placed the scrapbook paper face down on the table and turned each letter backwards and upside down and traced out the letters. Then, cut out each letter.

Then, I applied (in small sections) mod podge on the paper mache letters and then placed the paper on top. Once the bottom layer was on, I applied a thin and even layer of mod podge over the top of the scrapbook paper to seal it and protect the paper. The mod podge dries clear and gives it a glossy coat.

Such a fun and colorful way to personalize a room. Especially for people that love typography as art like me!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weekly Bump Photos (Weeks 8 - 40)

Yes yes, I know what you're thinking. Emerson is here so why am I posting another belly pic?! Well, it's the last one! Before we went to the hospital on the 24th, we took one last bump photo at 40 weeks. We had to finish what we started! It's so fun seeing how much my body changed over those 9 months. I'm still in awe (and kind of disbelief - am I really old enough to have a baby?!) that I have an almost one month old now... so crazy! And the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth and all that. It's weird. It's shocking. It's amazing. It's disgusting. Pretty much every emotion and descriptive word you could think of all wrapped into one perfect little bundle of joy that you never imagined you could love so much. :) Anyways, before I get totally sappy and start crying, let's just look back at my weekly bump photos, shall we?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Office Inspiration

In our new house we have three bedrooms plus a man cave. So much more space than our last little house and so far we love it. Yes, it may be outdated, but just having more space makes it 100x better. I have the nursery done and I'm still working on the master bedroom (the coral isn't totally working for me so I'm taking a break for now... but I did order some fabric for the headboard, so we'll be working on that soon!) so that's two out of three. The third actual bedroom (the man cave is really just half of the garage converted into another room) was supposed to be our spare bedroom, but since I will be working from home when I go back to work in December I really need a space where I can work that will make me happy. Or at least be pretty enough to motivate me to work. :) 

I had been eyeing this rug from IKEA for a while now and then got the idea of doing a black and white room with some jade/emerald accents. Especially since I already have my jade dresser that I redid a year and a half ago which currently holds all my craft supplies. I went to IKEA to get the rug (only $20 too!) and found a bunch of other graphic black and white accents. IKEA is so cheap! I love it, although I vowed to never again buy a dresser from there - too much every day wear and tear for the "put together yourself furniture."

So, here's my office inspiration board (with most things from IKEA). The next step is painting the walls a bright white to brighten it up (it's currently a dusty mauve color... yuck) and then putting it all together. 

1. Teal and gray fabric for when I recover the seat cushion on my accent chair (I'll spray paint the base of it to freshen it up too). 

2. Teal Ikat fabric for a bulletin board project.

3. IKEA NYTTJA frame for a super sweet project I whipped up with some Instagram photos. I'll share more on this soon!

6. White Parsons Desk - I already have this Tar-jay knock off.

7. Black and white polka dot rug

8. Desk chair - I'm planning on updating a goodwill find I previously reupholstered

10. Modern wall clock 

11 & 12. Graphic black & white pillows - crosses and tribal print

13. My jade dresser full of crafts

14. A vintage globe to top it off!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Emerson's Newborn Photos

I'm so so so excited to share these photos with you today! When Emerson was just six days old, we drove down to Centralia to get her newborn photos taken by the amazing Katia Hudson. She also did our maternity photos which I loved (I'll be sharing those soon as well!). 

Katia was so great - so patient and gentle with Emerson. Even after she pooped on three of the sets and peed on Katia! Haha. Oh, babies... The photo shoot lasted a while - about 4 hours since little Miss Emerson decided to wake up right in the middle. It was super hot in the studio (about 90 degrees) so it was easier for Em to stay asleep. Finally, after a few feedings and a lot of rocking, she passed out and we were able to take a bunch of different poses. Most with her grumpy sleepy face. :)

Seriously, Katia is amazing and definitely has a talent in photographing the little ones (and other neat stuff too - weddings, seniors, maternity, engagement, etc). Please check her out if you are in the Centralia/Olympia area - you won't regret it!

You can find Katia here: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Bloglovin'

I love all the shots we got, especially the one with the tutu and the one with the vintage books. :) Can't wait to get these printed! Thank you Katia!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Emerson Yvonne Kane

She's here!!! Presenting... 

Miss Emerson Yvonne Kane

Born August 25, 2013 at 1:55pm
7 pounds, 6 ounces
20.5 inches

We are so in love with our little girl! It's still a little surreal - I mean she was just in my belly (how did she fit in there again?!)! We had a rough couple of nights at first, but we are settling in nicely now and getting into our routine. So far, she is a pretty chill baby. Her eyes are so bright and alert whenever she is awake. My favorite is her smile (even if it means she is just pooping or farting at this point). :) It's so sweet seeing Zach with her, too - he is such a great Daddy. 

We are having so much fun so far (besides the lack of sleep...)! If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen the plethora of pics I've already posted of our sweet baby girl. Not gonna lie, it probably won't stop. :) So follow me if you like looking at super cute baby pics! (OK, I'm a little biased...) Here's a few you might have missed...


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