Sunday, November 20, 2011

Before + After: Bedroom Chair

First, let's talk about what's most important... Breaking Dawn was good. Not great, but good enough. My sister-in-law, Katelyn, and I pretty much laughed through a majority of the movie, but I still liked it. My expectations are just always low. That way I can never be disappointed. :)

OK, on to the good stuff. I'm still on a re-use, re-purpose, re-cycle kick. I got this chair at Goodwill a while back for $10. Probably a little much for this chair, but it worked for me and I liked the mirrored heart detail on the back. It looked like it had already been re-used once before, too. Dark brown with some beige Hawaiian fabric. Not my style.

I sanded this baby down at the same time I did the side table. It was a lot easier that the side table though. Much easier.

I bought two cans of spray paint from Michael's in a lime green color called Ivy Leaf (Krylon brand in Gloss finish for $5-6/ea.). This chair is going in our bedroom, so I kept in line with the green color scheme. It was the first time I had spray painted anything, and I realized I wasn't that good. But who's good at anything the first time they do something? Except maybe Edward. I made it work - I probably could have done with only 1 can of spray paint, but I loaded this guy up. Making sure to cover every inch. I also probably lost a few brain cells in the process. Wear a mask, people!

After letting it dry for a few days, it was time to update the Hawaii 5-0 fabric on the seat. I already had some fabric left over from my pillow making adventure, so it didn't cost me a thing. I had to remove a bunch of little tiny nails to get the old fabric off. I know you are jealous of my miniature floral hammer. Zach definitely is.

Under the top fabric, I found some extra foam and duct tape. Comfy!

And then I found this awesome 70s yellow-gold floral fabric underneath. Classy! I decided to leave the foam/duct tape on over the top of the 70s gold fabric to give it a little more cushion. This chair is more for decoration (and hanging the occasional shirt or jacket), so it didn't have to be super comfy.

The fabric I wanted to cover the seat was a little thin, so I used some navy scrap fabric to cover it first to add some thickness.

I bought a new staple gun too! This guy was about $17 at Lowe's and worked great.

Round one of covering...

For the corners, I just gathered the fabric and tried to make it look as seamless as possible on the top.

Round two... I love it! I'm kind of obsessed with this fabric. So pretty.

And here's the final product. Isn't she pretty? Too bad she will probably be covered up most of the time. But when I do clean my room and actually put away my clothes, she will shine. (I mean... I always put away my clothes and make my bed, Mom). :)

Have you guys done any spray painting lately? Any re-upholstering? It's actually really fun! Next up for me is figuring out how to re-upholster this little winged-back lady.

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