Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Chairs (kind of)

We don't really use Craigslist a lot. I know it can be a good way to score some cheap finds, but I guess I just get a little lazy. But... in the past month, we got two new (to us) chairs off of Craigslist.

First the husband needed a new chair for his office - a more comfortable one that could support his back during the long hours of studying. So he picked up this handsome office chair (we'll call him Otto. Otto the office chair.) for $60.

Not a bad deal considering the price of new chairs (in the hundreds) these days. It's really comfortable and sturdy. Plus, it's leather (fancy)!

I got myself a new chair too. Actually, it's a very old chair, but it's got nice curves and since I've always wanted a wing back, I just couldn't pass it up. I got this lovely lady (I just named her Winifred, Winnie for short) from a nice Indian family in downtown Bellevue for only 25 bones. Yes, I might have gone in to their apartment without a working phone (don't tell my mother), but everything worked out OK!

She's pretty sturdy (less so than the leather office chair) but I like her lines, and hopefully one day I'll be brave enough to do some re-upholstering. We'll see. For now, the color is pretty good though. I can make it work. She's only got a couple of awkward spots and scratches, but it's not too bad. 

Overall both chairs are just what we were looking for. Another successful Craigslist shopping trip!

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