Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Nursery Reveal!

The day is finally here! I know you've all been waiting and I'm so excited to share with you the big nursery reveal! I had so much fun putting the room together (check out my original inspiration) - so many DIY projects and colorful accents. I LOVE it so much! The only thing it's missing is our Little BK (hopefully she'll be here in TWO days! EEEEEK!)!!!

This is seriously my favorite room in the house (and the only one that's finished). It's not a big room, but the layout came together really well and everything just fits. I love our little reading nook and can't wait to read Little BK a ton of fun books! My Mom and I made the yellow Pom Pom Curtains.

One of my favorite projects was the DIY Pouf Ottoman. It's heavy as an elephant, but so comfy on top and will be perfect for my tired feet when I'm rocking BK to sleep.

The rocking chair is a special piece - my Dad bought it for my Mom when she was prego with me! It's rock solid and is actually really comfortable. So special to have a family heirloom piece in the room! My Mom sewed the cover for the rocking chair cushion - cushion and fabric both from IKEA.

So many great books - can't go wrong with Dr. Seuss and Calvin and Hobbes (the hubby's favorite). She's also fully stocked with headbands... no one will ever doubt that she's a girl! Ha!

Another special piece - the ballerina figurine was given to me by my Daddio. I used to be in dance up until 5th grade and after each recital he would get me a ballet figurine. I have a whole collection, but didn't have enough room to display them all in the nursery. The wagon calendar was given to me by my Grandma at my baby shower and I DIY'd my anthropologie inspired book covers.

Who doesn't love a good collage frame wall? I can't get enough. I love all the white frames. I have two prints from my favorite artist - Katie Daisy (You Are Loved and You Are My Sunshine). I had to include my DIY onesie from our Pregnancy Announcement Photo Shoot. I did some DIY for the frames as well - the Small but Fierce Glitter Art, Hot Air Balloon Art, and then I made the Vintage Playing Cards art from some fun circus playing cards I found at an antique shop in Arizona on our Babymoon.

One of my favorite pieces is the yellow metal bike! It used to be my Mom's and was a dark brown color. Since she knows I love bikes (even though I don't even have one right now - what's up with that?!) she spray painted it bright yellow for me and it looks so amazing up on the wall!

I also love the Dream a Little Bigger, Darling print and the Puppy Silhouettes I whipped up (using a technique similar to what I did here but with scrapbook paper instead of paint).

Are you still with me? :) Here's the other side of the room - not as exciting, but closet (I still get a kick out of all the miniature baby clothes - so cute!) and hamper. I made the garland out of felt I had leftover from the Hot Air Balloon Mobile (one of my other favorite projects!) and some white ribbon.

Before I forget - the paint color is Sea Glass by Martha Stewart and we got the yellow chevron rug from Urban Outfitters.

I do have one more DIY project I need to share, but not until after she's born since it spells out her name. We picked out a name, but aren't sharing with anyone yet (not even our families!). I'll be sure to share when she gets here! :) The crochet blanket on the crib was my baby blanket made by my Grandma.

The Hot Air Balloon Mobile is seriously my favorite (it's the husband's favorite too). My Mom also helped me sew the Ruffled Crib Skirt... but never again!

I busted out this love pillow using the same technique I used for this pillow.

Still in love with my coral dresser, complete with fun drawer liners!

One of my thriftiest finds was the lamp I found at Target in the clearance section. Love it so much - almost as much as the 20 week ultrasound picture of my sweet baby girl! I also got the table runner at Target on clearance which matched perfectly with the dresser and will be great to keep the top from getting scratched up.

That's it! I hope you like it as much as we love it! :) Now we just need Little BK! Come on sweet girl!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekly Bump Photo (Week 39)

YUP. Just one week to go over here. I am SO ready for this little girl to come out and meet us! SO. READY. It's been quite a hot summer and I've been sweating. A lot. She's getting bigger and bigger and I'm kinda just over this pregnancy thing. It's been an interesting 9 months and I feel like I've gotten the full pregnancy experience - I think I've gotten almost every symptom. Morning sickness (bad), leg cramps, exhaustion, small bladder, sweating, heartburn, shortness of breath, waddling (I don't know if that is an actual "symptom" but in my book it counts). You name it, I've experienced it. I always said I wanted the full pregnancy experience and I guess I got it! Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way though... it really is a miracle such a crazy thing to go through. It's pretty amazing how mother nature takes over and does her thing. But now, I'm over it. Let's get this baby out!

This weekend we went to the Seahawks preseason game vs. the Broncos and it was so awesome! Little BK's first Hawks game and they won (I don't care if it was a preseason game - we whooped on Peyton!). I was a little nervous that it would put me into labor (and slightly hopeful that it would), but here I am, still prego. We even did a lot of walking and nothing. We were going to take the elevator up to our 300 level seats, but 1) we didn't have much time before the game started and 2) the line was super long. So I sucked it up and walked up the round about ramp all the way to the top (and glared at the perfectly abled 20-somethings in line for the elevator as I did). We may have taken a few breaks, but I made it just in time for them to announce Russell Wilson! We stayed for the first half (which is only when the starters were playing anyways) and by that time the Hawks were already way out in the lead. It was such a fun and exciting game for preseason - it felt more like a regular season game with the sold out crowd and the noise level was amazing as usual! BK got her first taste of cheering on her soon to be favorite player - RW! #gohawks

39 Week Interview
How far along? 39 weeks... we are so close!
Baby’s size? Watermelon. This is really getting out of control... :)
Days until next doc appointment? Tuesday. At my last appointment she was measuring right on track at 38 and her heart rate was great at 150! She's doing awesome, but my doctor said that she must like it in there because there isn't any sign of her coming before my next appointment. Oh well. I guess I should take it as a complement that she likes it so much in there. :)
Total weight gain/loss? 28 lbs
Maternity clothes?  It's a make it work moment. More like a suck it up and keep wearing my last 4 dresses or so that still fit. I'm so jonesing to do a little shopping and buy some regular cute normal clothes! I'm ready to not have a belly again!
Stretch marks?  A couple little ones unfortunately... 
Sleep:  Not great. Not great at all. It's getting harder and harder to get comfortable and stay comfortable throughout the night. I guess there is no going back to normal now though, so I should probably just get used to it!
Best moment this week:  Having a family BBQ with the Boehme's and Kane's - last one before BK gets here and we had a blast. Loving our new house and how great it is for entertaining. Also, just hearing her heartbeat at my appointment. It's seriously the best sound ever! :)
Movement:  She was so active this week! Loving every kick and punch. She is getting stronger though! Getting some weird and very pointy kicks (or most likely stretches) on my right side. Looks so crazy!
Food cravings:  Chocolate and ice cream. 
Anything make you queasy or sick?  Nothing really these days...
Have you started to show yet?  Yup. It's so funny the different reactions I get from people. Some people are like "Whoa! You must be ready to pop!" and others are like "You don't even look that big!" A lot of mixed messages, but I feel like I'm doing pretty good size-wise and she is growing normally, so that is what's most important!
Missing anything?  Eating cookie dough, bending over to pick things up, having lots of energy. Oh, and regular coke! I might sneak a little taste every once and a while... :)
Gender: Little Miss
Labor signs?  None yet (and still not dilated at all). She still hasn't dropped either - looking forward to that happening so I can feel like I'm taking a full deep breath again!
Belly button: It's almost completely out, we should probably just call it because it's as good as it will probably get. 
Wedding rings on or off?  Off... too hot these days! Still wearing my band though.
Happy or moody most of the time?  So happy! And did I mention I was ready for her to come?
Weekly symptoms:  Heartburn... still heartburn... not sleeping well... 
Looking forward to: Meeting out little one. Come on BK! We are ready for you!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY: Ruffled Crib Skirt

Well, this is the second time I am writing this post... stupid computer! Another DIY nursery project for you today. When my mom was over a couple weeks ago, she helped me with this ruffled crib skirt. We used this tutorial and it was pretty helpful.  At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to do a straight crib skirt or a ruffled one (I'm not a ruffles person), but decided to go for the ruffles to make the room a little more feminine and add some texture. 

This project only cost $10 too - it was the IKEA Vivan curtains to the rescue again! It's such a cheap way to get some plain white fabric. The fabric is thin, but worked for the crib skirts since we were doing the ruffles anyways.

We started out with our cuts:
Base - 1 piece 28" x 52" (size of the crib mattress)
Side Panels - 1 piece 52" long, 2 pieces 28" long (and long enough to have the ruffled pieces hemmed on)
Ruffled Strips - 9 pieces that are 2.5 times the width of the sides and six inches high. Three strips for the long side that measured 130" and six strips for the short sides (three each) that measured 70" long.

After making all the cuts and hemming the edges, it was time to ruffle. This was the hard part... and we realized too late that my sewing machine had an actual "ruffling" attachment. Bummer. Instead, my mom used the technique of making three basting stitches in a row along the top of each strip leaving the end threads really long. 

After separating the top three threads from the bottom three, you can pull on the top three and scrunch the fabric together to create the ruffles (making sure to pull hard, but gently so you don't break the thread). It works like a charm, but takes some time to make the ruffles even. 

Then we pieced the ruffles onto the side panels starting with the bottom ruffle and making sure all ruffles lined up. We kind of just made it work... nothing too scientific here.

It was a labor of love, but we got it done! I like how the white ruffles are not too loud but bring some texture and girliness to the room. So glad it's done! And if I never see a ruffle again, I'll be very very happy. 

I'm pretty much done with the nursery and I'm hoping to share pics with you guys by the end of this week or early next week! 

PS - we are in SINGLE DIGITS! Only 9 more days until she is here (hopefully!)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two Nursery IKEA Hacks - Pom Pom Curtains and Rocking Chair Cushion

My mom came over last weekend to help me out with my last nursery sewing projects. We ended up sewing almost all day long! It was a lot of work, but I am so in love with the end results!

Turns out all our projects were IKEA hacks... the first was a plain seat cushion that my mom made an awesome cover for. I don't have any step by step since my mom is amazing and just did her thing. :) It turned out so great though. The fabric is also from IKEA - they actually have some really cute (and really cheap) home decor fabric.

The next project was super easy. We basically just added a row of yellow pom poms to the edging of some Vivan IKEA curtains ($10). So simple, yet I think it adds such a subtle and playful effect to the room.

I love how both turned out and I am so grateful for my mom's help! She is a master seamstress! Next up is the dreaded ruffle crib skirt we made... (also from an IKEA Vivan curtain!).

Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY: Anthopologie Inspired Book Covers

We've all seen and loved the colorfully patterned Anthropologie Penguin Classic books like Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, Alice in Wonderland, etc. The style has changed recently to more bright and colorful patterned book covers and I always thought they would look great in a nursery. Instead of dropping $18 a pop on the whole collection, I figured I could recreate a similar look by wrapping some of my vintage books with some fun scrapbook paper. 

Remember when you used to have to put book covers on all your school books? I tried to use the same method to make mine and it worked pretty well. In case you forget, here's the steps I used.

Step 1: Get your old books (if you don't have any you are willing to sacrifice, hit up Goodwill - they are usually only about $2.50 each!)

Step 2: Pick your paper.

Step 3: Measure the paper and fold around the outside of your book. Fold the long end sides under and use double sided or masking tape to secure to the inside flap of the book. Make sure when you are taping the paper to the inside, you have the book completely closed so it will be flush on the outside cover.

Step 4: Before you fold under the top and bottom edges, make sure to make two small cuts on both the top and bottom to allow for the binding.

Step 5: Fold down the top and bottom edges and attach to the inside flap with tape.

Step 6: Cut a little triangle on the binding flap and open the book to the middle of the pages. This should leave a little gap in the binding. Fold the binding flap into the gap.

That's it! You now have yourself some Anthropologie inspired vintage books! I love how they look in the nursery.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Bump Photo (Week 38)

Week 38 is here! We are full term and ready to have this baby! Here I am with all my hot and sweatiness (and quasi-fake smile). Kind of captures how I'm feeling these days... exhausted, sweaty, and uncomfortable. :) But it's all worth it!

38 Week Interview
How far along? 38 weeks... 2 to go!
Baby’s size? Pumpkin! Holy cow, really?! And that is supposed to be coming out of my body?!?! So crazy.
Days until next doc appointment? Tuesday
Total weight gain/loss? 28 lbs
Maternity clothes?  Trying to hold out for the last two weeks and make my dresses work. I can barely wear my sole pair of maternity jeans anymore... things are getting tight and uncomfortable!
Stretch marks?  A couple little ones unfortunately... 
Sleep:  I don't have a problem going to sleep, but tossing and turning are not an easy task these days.
Best moment this week:  Finishing up the nursery (finally!) and getting things ready (can you say uber nesting???). Oh, also seeing Zach with my friend, Lynn's 5 month old daughter Avery. SO CUTE. Made me even more excited to see him with our daughter. :)
Movement:  She was so active this week! Loving every kick and punch.
Food cravings:  Just your average ice cream every night - Tillamook Mudslide!
Anything make you queasy or sick?  Nothing really these days...
Have you started to show yet?  Of course! And more and more strangers are commenting on my belly. Everyone is so nice to the prego lady! :)
Missing anything?  Eating cookie dough, bending over to pick things up, having lots of energy.
Gender: Sweet baby girl.
Labor signs?  None yet (and still not dilated at all).
Belly button: It's almost completely out, but still holding on!
Wedding rings on or off?  Off... too hot these days!
Happy or moody most of the time?  So happy! A little bit anxious, but mostly just feeling content and ready for her to arrive.
Weekly symptoms:  Heartburn... still heartburn... 
Looking forward to: Little BK joining us in just a couple short weeks!!! Can't wait to meet my daughter!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY: Coral Dresser Drawer Liner

Remember the coral dresser I redid for the nursery? Here's a little sneak peak of it set up in the nursery... or at least how it was the other day. :)

For all purposes it was done, but I wanted to add some drawer liners for a little unexpected surprise of pattern and color. Luckily it was a pretty easy project!

I grabbed some coordinating wrapping paper from Target and used a foam brush and mod podge I had on hand. 

Next I measured one large drawer and one smaller drawer and cut out the wrapping paper squares accordingly. After making sure the squares fit in each drawer, I folded half of the paper back. Then I spread mod podge on one half of the bottom of the drawer with the foam brush. Mod podge dries pretty quickly (thus, why I did each drawer in two parts) and I only used a thin layer. Once it was spread on one half, I used a dry towel to smooth the wrapping paper over top of the mod podge. I did the same on the other side and then propped the drawer up in front of the fan to help it dry quickly.

The part that took the longest was the mod podging, just because there were so many drawers. I decided not to do a top coat of the mod podge because it already felt pretty smooth and durable. 

And that was it! Ready to hold some super cute onesies, burp cloths, and baby shoes! 

Consider this dresser complete! 


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