Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Bump Photo (Week 38)

Week 38 is here! We are full term and ready to have this baby! Here I am with all my hot and sweatiness (and quasi-fake smile). Kind of captures how I'm feeling these days... exhausted, sweaty, and uncomfortable. :) But it's all worth it!

38 Week Interview
How far along? 38 weeks... 2 to go!
Baby’s size? Pumpkin! Holy cow, really?! And that is supposed to be coming out of my body?!?! So crazy.
Days until next doc appointment? Tuesday
Total weight gain/loss? 28 lbs
Maternity clothes?  Trying to hold out for the last two weeks and make my dresses work. I can barely wear my sole pair of maternity jeans anymore... things are getting tight and uncomfortable!
Stretch marks?  A couple little ones unfortunately... 
Sleep:  I don't have a problem going to sleep, but tossing and turning are not an easy task these days.
Best moment this week:  Finishing up the nursery (finally!) and getting things ready (can you say uber nesting???). Oh, also seeing Zach with my friend, Lynn's 5 month old daughter Avery. SO CUTE. Made me even more excited to see him with our daughter. :)
Movement:  She was so active this week! Loving every kick and punch.
Food cravings:  Just your average ice cream every night - Tillamook Mudslide!
Anything make you queasy or sick?  Nothing really these days...
Have you started to show yet?  Of course! And more and more strangers are commenting on my belly. Everyone is so nice to the prego lady! :)
Missing anything?  Eating cookie dough, bending over to pick things up, having lots of energy.
Gender: Sweet baby girl.
Labor signs?  None yet (and still not dilated at all).
Belly button: It's almost completely out, but still holding on!
Wedding rings on or off?  Off... too hot these days!
Happy or moody most of the time?  So happy! A little bit anxious, but mostly just feeling content and ready for her to arrive.
Weekly symptoms:  Heartburn... still heartburn... 
Looking forward to: Little BK joining us in just a couple short weeks!!! Can't wait to meet my daughter!!!

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