Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quick Bathroom Update

Our new house has a lot of quirky features. If we weren't renting, I would be going full force on updates, but with a baby coming and since we are just renting I'm all about the quick and easy (and cheap!) updates. 

This bathroom had (luckily) already been updated recently. The vanity and mirror are great and it's neutral enough to add our own accessories to bring in some color. The bad part about the room is that the shower is one of those glass sliding door showers. I really don't like those. Plus, the sliding door is too low for Zach so water was splashing every where over the top. 

My quick solution was to put up a regular curtain over the existing sliding door. We already had the gray shower curtain from our last bathroom, so we really just needed to pick up a curtain rod and some hangers. It took about five minutes and now we have some fun pattern going on in our neutral bathroom. 

We hung the curtain high so Zach wouldn't be splashing everywhere, but it does block out some of the light. Zach doesn't mind though and I usually leave the curtain open half way to let in more light. It's nice to keep it closed when we aren't using it though, to cover up the sliding door eye sore!

I like that it's such a simple improvement that makes a big difference! Now to add some art on the walls and some fun accents in that little book across from the sink!

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