Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY: Anthopologie Inspired Book Covers

We've all seen and loved the colorfully patterned Anthropologie Penguin Classic books like Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, Alice in Wonderland, etc. The style has changed recently to more bright and colorful patterned book covers and I always thought they would look great in a nursery. Instead of dropping $18 a pop on the whole collection, I figured I could recreate a similar look by wrapping some of my vintage books with some fun scrapbook paper. 

Remember when you used to have to put book covers on all your school books? I tried to use the same method to make mine and it worked pretty well. In case you forget, here's the steps I used.

Step 1: Get your old books (if you don't have any you are willing to sacrifice, hit up Goodwill - they are usually only about $2.50 each!)

Step 2: Pick your paper.

Step 3: Measure the paper and fold around the outside of your book. Fold the long end sides under and use double sided or masking tape to secure to the inside flap of the book. Make sure when you are taping the paper to the inside, you have the book completely closed so it will be flush on the outside cover.

Step 4: Before you fold under the top and bottom edges, make sure to make two small cuts on both the top and bottom to allow for the binding.

Step 5: Fold down the top and bottom edges and attach to the inside flap with tape.

Step 6: Cut a little triangle on the binding flap and open the book to the middle of the pages. This should leave a little gap in the binding. Fold the binding flap into the gap.

That's it! You now have yourself some Anthropologie inspired vintage books! I love how they look in the nursery.

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