Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two Nursery IKEA Hacks - Pom Pom Curtains and Rocking Chair Cushion

My mom came over last weekend to help me out with my last nursery sewing projects. We ended up sewing almost all day long! It was a lot of work, but I am so in love with the end results!

Turns out all our projects were IKEA hacks... the first was a plain seat cushion that my mom made an awesome cover for. I don't have any step by step since my mom is amazing and just did her thing. :) It turned out so great though. The fabric is also from IKEA - they actually have some really cute (and really cheap) home decor fabric.

The next project was super easy. We basically just added a row of yellow pom poms to the edging of some Vivan IKEA curtains ($10). So simple, yet I think it adds such a subtle and playful effect to the room.

I love how both turned out and I am so grateful for my mom's help! She is a master seamstress! Next up is the dreaded ruffle crib skirt we made... (also from an IKEA Vivan curtain!).

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