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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pregnancy Announcement Photo Shoot

My wonderful Daddio (he's a photographer extraordinaire) took some pregnancy announcement photos for us back in February so we could let the world know that Little BK was on her way. My favorite is above (even though you can't see our heads). I love it though! Followed closely by the one below.

We obviously told our immediate family right away (on Christmas Eve, actually! Best. Christmas. Ever.). I'll share more of how we told them later this week.

If you know me at all, you know I have a hard time being serious, especially when taking pictures. I love how those super artistic photos look where everyone is all serious and beautiful, but when it comes to me in that scenario... nope. Can't do it. I break out laughing. I get giddy. And then the squinty eyes come out. So, here are a few more of the photos we took but a little more silly. :)

How did you announce your pregnancy? Did you have a photo shoot? Get some glamour shots? Or, did you do it by text? In person? If you search on Pinterest (like I did) you might find some pretty interesting pregnancy announcements... some are hilarious. Please just tell me it didn't involve a topless husband and some belly art...


  1. this is too cute! Trying to figure out ways to announce in 4 weeks!

  2. So cute! Where did you purchase the onesie from? Thanks

    1. Hi Sandra! Thanks for stopping by! I actually got the onesie from Target - it's just a plain white onesie (newborn size). Then I bought some scrap booking letters and stuck them on. Not practical for wearing, but for the photo shoot it got the job done!

  3. I would love to feature these photos in a post I am working on for The Dating Divas! Let me know if that would be ok!



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