Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Brody!

My baby turns ONE today! :) I'm getting super sentimental and a little teary eyed looking back through our pictures of Brody over the past year and remembering how small he was (just a glimpse of what's to come with Little BK, I'm sure)! I can't believe he was smaller than Buster at one point. He's been such a fun puppy - very energetic and playful, loves to jump (on everything... which I hate), loves his brother. He's so kind hearted and sweet, unlike our Buster who is sweet at times, but mostly mischievous. He's also very protective of his home and his Mama. I'm hoping he will be protective of Little BK too. Even though he is a pain sometimes, we love having him as a part of our family and wouldn't trade him for anything. We love you Brody!

Here's some more photos of our little guy...

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