Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekly Bump Photo (Week 24)

24 Week Interview
How far along? 24 weeks
Baby’s size? Cantaloupe!
Days until next doc appointment? Two weeks
Total weight gain/loss? About 7 pounds still
Maternity clothes?  Yes! Definitely needed. Still squirming into my work pants/belly band though... I'm sure after two weeks in Arizona wearing swimsuits and dresses, I will need to get some new work maternity pants when I get back!
Stretch marks?  None so far.
Sleep:  Tossing and turning, but nothing too bad. Also, I can't sleep in anymore. Maybe that's a good thing? Preparing me for what's to come?
Best moment this week:  I actually SAW her movements on my belly this week. It was amazing! So freaky (since we just watched the movie Alien a few weeks ago...) and so awesome at the same time. I loved it and find myself just laying there and staring at my belly now. So unreal. 
Movement:  See above. She is more and more active and I love it. Nothing better than getting a little punch to let me know she's doing awesome in there. :)
Food cravings:  No crazy cravings yet. I'm dreading the day I request pickles... please no...
Anything make you queasy or sick?  Still can't eat eggs...
Have you started to show yet?  Yes! It feels like she's growing every day!
Missing anything?  A good margarita, especially with the glorious sunny weather we've been having this past week. :)
Gender: Baby Girl
Labor signs?  None yet
Belly button: Still an innie.
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or moody most of the time?  Not very moody, thank goodness. Happy! Very happy! Especially feeling her kick!
Weekly symptoms:  Leg cramps... ugh! Also, I'm like a space heater. So hot all the time!
Looking forward to: Babymoon for the next two weeks in Arizona! Can't wait for Z to be done with his board exam (last one!) and for us to be able to lay in the sun and the pool and just RELAX!!!

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