Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little BK - Telling Our Family the Good News!

We found out about Little BK (Baby Kane) on our Leavenworth trip, which made it a very special trip for us indeed! It was mid-December at that time and of course it was eating me alive that I couldn't tell anyone we were pregnant. It was SO hard not to tell, but at the same time, it was kind of fun having our own huge secret just between the two of us. 

We decided to tell our families when we were all together at our annual Boehme/Kane Christmas weekend (the weekend after Christmas this year) but since we were seeing both families on Christmas Eve anyways (at different times) we went for it. After the regular Christmas presents were done and we had stuffed our face with delicious food, I brought out the envelopes and gave one to each of Zach's family. I could barely hold it together and Zach's mom said she knew right away.

Then this is how it went down:
Jenn: You're having a bleeping baby!!!!!!!!
Renee: Laughing and maybe some tears
Katelyn: Some Crying
Bethy: Hysterical Crying
Schmev: Hysterical Crying
Me: Hysterical Crying
Zach: I can't remember because I was hysterically crying

It was a very happy moment. :)

Then we gathered our emotions and went over to my parent's house and delivered their "early" Christmas presents.

This is how it went down:
Dad (before he eve opened the envelope): It's a boy!
Mom (jumping on it before she opens the envelope): It's a girl!
Mom (after she opens the envelope): AHHHHHHHHHH! and some tears
Dude: WHAT?!?!? Big smiles :)
Dad (after he opens the envelope): WHAT?!?! Big smiles :)

It was such a happy day for our entire family!

What fun ways did you announce your little one to the family? 

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