Monday, June 10, 2013

DIY Nursery Art - Little But Fierce

I've been searching for some fun art for the nursery and found a few quotes I like (see some more from my nursery inspiration). This one is from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream and I love it. I know already that it will be just like our little BK. She's already a spicy little one, kicking me all the time!

My inspiration was this print from Sugar House Ink on Etsy. Since I already had a blank canvas, I thought I could recreate a similar look using this technique. So I thought...

Step One: Put on the stickers where you want them. I drew a line with a pencil to make sure the letters were straight.

Step Two: If I could have done it differently, I would have painted the first coat with white to match the color that would show through (for less bleeding and hopefully a smoother edge when the stickers came off), but I didn't. So next I put on the first coat of aqua paint. All in all I think I painted three coats of paint.

Step Three: After I let it dry for a day or two, I peeled off the stickers. Very carefully! I used an exacto knife to get under the paint and pick off the letters since they didn't come off nicely in one piece. The bad part was that it didn't leave the perfect straight lines I thought it would. See the ridges? Maybe my letter stickers were a little too thick?

Step Four: Think of another solution to salvage the project. AKA... Glitter! I bought some gold glitter, dug out my mod podge and got to work. I went letter by letter with my tiniest brush, first with the mod podge, then layering on the glitter. I probably should have used smaller grain glitter, but I think it still looks good. It did take some time and it was hard staying in the lines (my Kindergarden skills did come in handy though!).

Step Five: Clean up glitter... ugh! My least favorite part. Glitter literally gets everywhere, which I'm sure you all remember from Kindergarten. Everywhere! 

The end result is a little tough to read, but I still like it. The glitter is fun and I still love the saying. Plus, put it in a frame and anything looks better!

Total project cost: 
Glitter - $3
Paint - $3
Total - $6!

I probably could have saved myself some time and just ordered that Etsy print for $8, but oh well. Haha. I love being crafty and now Little BK will have some sparkle in her room. :)

I can't wait to meet our fierce little girl! Have you made any nursery art recently (or not so recently)? 

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