Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall

Back when we were in Arizona, I stopped by The Brass Armadillo for a little shopping. It's this huge antique mall in Phoenix with row and rows of booths with the coolest vintage and antique finds. I found a ton of stuff that I probably would have bought if this place was back in Seattle. But, since we were on vacay, I had to limit my spending to items that would fit in our suitcase (insert pouty face here). The prices were pretty reasonable too! So, I thought I'd share some of the stuff I found with you today!

My favorite purchase was the vintage Atlantic Ocean map (above). I have it in our bedroom now, but I figure it might be cute in the nursery with the hot air balloons? Plus, the colors are awesome.

I loved this cute little turquoise rocker.

These chalkboard pennants were fun!

This horsey would look super cute in a bright fun color in a nursery.

I loved this hammered brass lamp. I think it was only about $25 - if only I had room in my suitcase!

Such a cool old worn leather ottoman. The cognac color was fantastic.

Also loved these small shell lamps. I can see them as bedside lamps sitting on a pile of vintage books.

I've been looking for a shudder like this forever! It was about $30 I think and I would have bought it if I had room. My friend, Mykell, had a shudder like this and used it to display all her colorful scarves and I have wanted to do the same!

I liked the shape of this upholstered lady. She even has a little tufting. In a bold new fabric, she would be pretty amazing.

Brass bar cart. Do I need to say more?

Loved all these mix and match gold frames. They would look so amazing in a cluster on the wall in a nursery with some vintage prints.

I just love letters as decor. Graphic. Colorful. Awesome.

Loved this turquoise frame! Complete with gold detailing!

These vintage prints would be sweet in the kitchen.

There were quite a few antique strollers too!

I ended up getting these three vintage circus cards. I thought I could frame them together for the nursery to go with the "hot air balloon" theme (kind of a circus theme too?). I think they were $1.25 each.

They had quite a few reasonably priced bird cages that would be fun spray painted in bright colors (without the faux bird of course).

Such a sweet vintage quilt.

This miniature secretary desk and chair would be perfect for Little BK's big girl's room! Especially in a fun color with some new knobs!

Almost bought this "vintage" (I think it was actually from the 80s... is that considered vintage yet?) animal crackers tin for the nursery. I probably would have if I had more of a circus theme, but it didn't feel as girly for me. Maybe for a boy's nursery though?

Vintage glasses! Love!

This velvet chair was fantastic. Would be even better in a velvet-y navy.

This was just a crazy wood chair. And it was huge! Definitely not my style, but amazing craftsmanship.

I almost bought this Lincoln bust, but then I realized it was actually a perfume bottle by Avon. Not exactly vintage... but still looked pretty cool. I just couldn't figure out what kind of perfume would be in a Lincoln head? So I googled it. Apparently not perfume, but after shave! That's more manly at least...

This vintage suitcase would be so cute in a little boy's nursery with a travel/globe theme.

I also almost bought this little mint elephant. Again, would be cute with a more circus theme for the nursery.

Can you tell I like turquoise/aqua?! These frames were so cute, again with the gold detail.

And here's what the place looked like from the upstairs! So huge!

If you are ever in Arizona, definitely check out the Brass Armadillo!

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