Monday, September 19, 2011

The Leaves, They are a Changin'

Did everyone have a good weekend? Doesn't it feel like fall? I love it. I went out Friday after work and got some new boots. I think I wore them all weekend. Love love love that I can wear boots again! Oh, and I also brought out the Uggs. It's getting a little chilly out there!

We had a fun weekend - family dinner on Friday night (always loud and crazy - in a good way), haircut and date night Saturday, church and lots of sewing Sunday! The hubs took me out to this Indian food restaurant called Naan N Curry and then to see the movie Drive (with Ryan Gosling). It was good and different, but definitely a lot more graphic than I thought it would be. Lots of blood.

I had a little fight with my sewing machine while trying to make some pillowcases yesterday, but we worked it out. More on that later this week, as well as how to make pillows!

Oh! And we also got Direct TV installed yesterday. Husband is happy to have his NFL Sunday Ticket, and I'm happy I could watch the Emmy's with DVR(!) last night. Now I can start watching HGTV again! DVR is so nice.

Hope ya'll have a great week! Can't wait to share some more projects if I can stop being lazy and go through the pics. :)


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