Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paris: Day 5 Part II - Versailles

Part two coming at you like a herd of blood thirsty zombies! Like I said, Versailles was so huge I had to break it in to two posts. We probably could have spent an entire day in the gardens!

We started outside the Orangerie and walked around taking in the beautiful fountains, flowers, and statues. Everything was so nicely groomed and in it's right place. It was amazing to think of how much man power it takes each year to keep that garden looking so perfect.

The Orangerie - where King Louis kept all his orange trees.

I really wish the fountains were on... but still cool nonetheless.

The Fountain of Apollo.

We kept walking through the gardens until we got down to this smaller more "quaint" palace called the Trianon. Marie Antoinette had this "modest" (ha!) palace built to get away and escape from palace life. This "little" palace was not little at all. A dwarf compared to the main palace, maybe but still huge by my standards.

I loved seeing all the different rooms. In the Trianon, there was an exhibit going on displaying vintage and couture dresses and outfits by fancy designers like Vivienne Westwood and Christian Dior. They wouldn't let us take pictures though...

The temple of love.

One of my favorite places in Versailles was The Hamlet. Marie Antoinette's little farm village. It was so quaint and cute with thatched roof houses and bright flowers. I loved it!

The only other bummer about Versailles (besides the massive amounts of herd-like people) was that the train station was shut down on our way home. The guy at the train station motioned for us to just walk around the block to solve the problem so we followed the crowd. Little did we know that we would be walking a couple miles to the next train station! We eventually made it home but it was quite the adventure!

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