Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It was pretty good Halloween in the Kane household this year. We got trick or treaters for the first time! We probably had about 30 little kiddos come to the door.

The first one was a complete failure (on my part, not the little kids). He knocked on the door and Buster immediately started barking (I forgot to factor in the BBoy). I proceeded to crack the door open, grab Buster with one hand and the candy bucket with the other, while the kid's mom gave me a dirty look for my dog barking. FAIL.

The hubby finally got home and had to hold/pet Buster every time while I handed out the candy. I was impressed with all the little super heroes. I saw Batman, Superman, Ironman, even Buzz Lightyear. My favorite, though, was a little Spiderman dude that had his mask on so he couldn't see out of the eye holes. I opened the door and he was facing the wrong way! Too cute!

We ended up running out of candy... we should have been more prepared! Oh well, next year.

At work, we had a cookie decorating contest. I volunteered to make 150 sugar cookies for the whole crew. That's right. 1.5.0. It took me about 5 hours on Sunday to get all the dough made, rolled and cut. They were a hit though (here's the recipe)!

Oh, and guess who won the cookie decorating contest? Muah! (and one other lady...) That's right! Check out my mad skillz. Yes, that's skills with a z.

Did everyone have a good Halloween? Any fun/crazy/awesome costumes?

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