Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yes, Please.

For a long while now I've wanted a sweet wingback chair. There's just something about a bold print combined with the shape and form of a wingback chair that make such a statement in a room. It makes me want to curl up with a good book, kick back and relax. I can't wait until we can buy our own home and I can start truly decorating for the long term. Oh, to be able to just use paint! And I will definitely be having a wingback chair in my future house. Perhaps one like this...

This one only costs a measly $1,698 (anthropologie, why do you do this to me?). Someday, somehow I will find my wingback chair. I might need to do a little digging/scavenging/ thrifting/antiquing to find it, but I will find my wingback chair. And maybe I'll find a little something for the mister too. Then we can be like Ellie and Carl from Up

I've always loved this idea - having his and hers chairs. I think the hubs would like it too, except I know deep down in his heart he's always wanted his very own recliner but I'm just not sure that will fly in my future dream home. We'll just have to wait and see! Here's a few more I like for your viewing pleasure...

Source: Pottery Barn

Source: Crate & Barrel

Source: Anthropologie

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  1. We had the recliner dilemma and compromised with a leather chair and ottoman. Now we both agree that the ottoman is the way to go since it's such a versatile piece of furniture. And we're also working on the accent chair. We have the chair already, but need to get it reupholstered. We're totally going to go with a fun fabric...'cause hey, if we don't like it in the future, we can just recover it with something new. A high quality chair is a good investment, because they last a lifetime. The chair we're recovering is from 1937.



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