Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Valley of the Sun

I've probably been more than a little vocal about my homesickness and how much I miss Seattle. When we first moved to Arizona, I hated it. It could have been somewhat due to the fact that we moved down here in July in 115 degree weather. It could have been that we were thousands of miles from our friends and family. Or, it could have been due to the fact that my commute is an hour each way in stop and go traffic.

Seven months later, I have turned a corner (just a little one). I realize that I've probably been a little harsh on Arizona and that it really isn't SO bad. I look at it kind of like dating. I broke up (unwillingly) with Seattle (we'll be together again one day!) and Arizona is my "rebound." It's just like a classic Nora Roberts book (all her books are basically the same idea, right?) - boy and girl meet, boy and girl dislike each other, boy and girl eventually come around and fall in love. Well, I wouldn't go so far as love in my situation (we are talking about states still, aren't we?), but I would say that I've started to like Arizona quite a bit.

The mister and I have actually had a lot of fun down here since we moved. We've been to an old abandoned ghost town, seen one of the seven natural wonders of the world, taken up hiking, and eaten a whole lot of amazing Mexican food (our favorite is Rancho de Tia Rosa). The constant sunshine doesn't hurt either. I think I'm finally getting used to being down here, even though I still really miss my family and friends. Here's a few pics of our Arizona adventures so far.

Goldfield Ghost Town

Hiking South Mountain

The Grand Canyon

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