Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unicorns + Football = Awesome

I love watching football. Especially when my brother is playing. He played quarterback for the Linfield Wildcats and took them to the playoffs twice, once to the semifinals where they ended up 4th in the nation! It is so exciting watching him play (I'm kind of his biggest fan...) and I'm happy to report he gets to continue his football career playing in Germany! He's playing for the Schwabisch Hall Unicorns. (Yup, that's my bro on the front page of the website! Awesome, right?)

I am really excited for him because he can continue to do what he loves and gets to see the world while getting paid for it. Aaaaaaaaaaand... this means I can finally go back to Europe! 

I spent a summer abroad in Italy my Junior year of college at GU (Go Zags!), and ever since I have wanted to go back (See my Italy Blog here). And I especially want to go with the hubby. He's never been and I just think it is so romantic going over there are seeing all the sites with the one you love. (Don't worry, no more mushy-ness)

I want to see more castles!

And drink more beer here!

Anywho, if we do go to Germany this summer (yay for the spending diet), this will be my third time trying to get back over there since I went in 2005. (Thrice!) The first time, I was planning to go to Europe with some friends after I got done with school. Well, the hubby (then boyfriend) had to go and ruin that trip by proposing to me one week after I bought my plane ticket (at a ridiculously low price) and decided that he wanted to get married that summer. Well, I can't say I regret the decision to get married. Best one of my life. (Ok, I lied about the mushy factor). Here's a pic from our amazingly sunny Seattle wedding day:

The second attempt was last summer. We started planning our trip, and then the hubby (there he goes again) had to go and get into med school. Well, no Europe trip for us. (We were ok with that, though!) Here's a pic of us at his official White Coat Ceremony:

Just call him Student Doctor Kane!

Thus, here we are with probably our last chance to head over there until the hubby is out of med school (3 1/2 years to go, with no more summer breaks...) but by then who knows, we might have some wee little ones around? We'll see... but all in all this summer is the ideal time to head over to the motherland, see how the Germans play "American Football," and visit all the historic sites! Fingers crossed nothing gets in our way this summer! Oh, and GO UNICORNS!

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