Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shut the Front Door

I've watched the show "What Not to Wear" since I was in high school. Love. That. Show. Whenever I watch it, it always gets me super excited about shopping. I literally must go shopping the next day. (Not good for the Spending Diet). It makes me want to get this:

Source: emersonmade
Or these...

Source: zappos
Or this...
Source: emersonmade (I basically want everything she makes)

Stacy and Clinton are amazing, not just as stylists, but also as kind of "clothing therapists." And the people on the show crack me up. Sometimes it makes sense. The soccer mom that "let herself go," Ok I can see that. The twenty-something still wearing college gear, yeah I get it. But some of these people are just plain ca-razy. I love watching their stories unfold. One of the best parts about the show is seeing the transformation of each of the women. Some of them are going through a huge life change. This is completely different for them and yet they embrace the change for the better. It may seem a bit shallow that clothes and the way you "look" can change a person completely. But, it's not the clothes, but the way they make someone feel and the way they give confidence to someone that truly makes the difference.

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