Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mr. Dresser Needs Deodorant

I inherited a dresser from my mom (don't worry, my Mama's fine!) when we went to Portland last weekend. It was my Mom's grandparent's dresser and it a big old sturdy piece of furniture. It's pretty masculine (which I like) and is this beautiful deep dark brown/cherry color, with some lighter wood accents. The dresser is unique because the top three drawers are actually inside swing out doors. It's kind of cool and I like how it makes it different. We'll see if it's actually practical... but I think it might be a nice change. 

The drawers are a little stiff and it smells pretty bad like mothballs (yuck!), which is one of the reasons why I need your help! I've searched around online a bit to see if there is an easy way to get out the mothball smell (honestly, I don't know why you would ever use them unless you had a really bad moth/rat problem...) and what I found was 

1) fresh air 
2) MaryEllen's Atmosklear or Smelleze® Mothball Deodorizer Pouch 
3) vinegar and/or coffee (from here). 

Do you have any advice? Please help! I just want the smell to be gone, especially since I will most likely be using this bad boy for my everyday clothes. I do not  want to be smelling like mothballs everyday. Nothankyou.

Here's some more shots to see what the inside is like now. I might put some new liners in there. 

Just in case anyone was wondering... this is how it went down... (Yvonne is my Mama, Hallie is my Gma).

I also love all the little details like the little banner on the outside of the swing doors, the vintage handles and the two toned wood. I'm not planning on doing any painting or even refinishing in the near future. Not just yet. I really want to preserve the integrity of the piece. It's too pretty! Unless the mothball smell doesn't leave. Then I might have to see if paint will cover it. :)

Don't you love old furniture? I do! There's just so much history and style from back in the day. So cliche... but they really don't make them like they used to. 

Don't forget to leave a comment if you have any advice for de-mothballing this guy. I really appreciate it! 

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  1. I don't know about mothballs, but I bought some bunkbeds from craigslist that had a TERRIBLE cigarette smoke smell. I wiped them down thorougly with vinegar after letting them air out. It worked well. I did a second round a week later and it was all better. Best wishes!



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