Friday, July 8, 2011

West Coast Road Trip: Redding, Albany, and Home!

We left Napa on Thursday and made the short 3 hour drive to Redding to stay the night with Zach's aunt and uncle. It was fun seeing Buster interact with the three other dogs at their house. One of the other dogs was a little territorial and kept standing over Buster to put him in his place. But BBoy just wanted to play. He's such a sweetie, but definitely still ALL puppy. We had a good time catching up with his family and getting some pointers on our upcoming Europe trip.

From there, we left on Friday for Albany, Oregon to visit my aunt and uncle. Again, Buster met two new doggie friends, Jazzy (a black lab) and Indigo (a sweet long haired dachshund). He did great with the other dogs, except that he had a lot more energy than the rest of them. We had an awesome Lumberjack Breakfast sponsored by the local Lions Club on Saturday morning and then headed to Portland for lunch with my Grandma and Grandpa.

It was an awesome day and we got to sit outside for lunch while we ate some yummy BBQ hamburgers (my 90 year old Grandpa is still an amazing cook!). Buster loved their yard, and even had his first encounter with my grandparents' "pet" cat, Blackie. (It's not really their cat, but more like the neighborhood cat that likes to come over and get some food every day). Buster was not diggin' Blackie and showing the tough guy that he is, when he almost came in contact with the little kitty he retreated back to us barking like wild. (He's so tough...) Then he didn't take his eyes off Blackie the rest of the day.

After lunch, we made the short drive to Centralia to my parents house and we were HOME! It felt so good to finally be home, or as close to home as we were going to get until we find a house to rent in the Bellevue/Renton area...

I should have been better about taking pics with our families, but of course with so much going on, I forgot. We had a great time catching up with our families that we hadn't seen in over a year. But, I think I've had enough driving for a long while.

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