Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Done(!) and a Little Vacay

Well, another busy season come and gone. I'm so glad it's over. This one was a doozy... but I made it! I'm so glad I get my life back and get to do some of the things I really like doing. Like seeing my husband for more than a half hour each night before I pass out in bed! And playing with my puppy when it's light out!  And seeing my long lost friends! Oh, and getting back to this little bloggy blog! I'm really excited to get back into some crafts and baking. Maybe even break out the sewing machine... 

After not getting a full weekend off for three months or so, we took a much needed little vacay this past weekend. It was amazing! Buster Boy went to the grandparents' house and we went up North to the San Juans. Friday Harbor, specifically. We thought it was going to rain, but it ended up being beautiful the entire weekend! We lucked out!

I'll post more pics soon, but just know I'm coming back! Slowly, but surely I'll be posting more often. Thanks for stopping by!

This was the view from our hotel in Friday Harbor... isn't it breathtaking?!

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