Saturday, February 1, 2014


I remember when I was little my dad took my brother and me to a Seahawks game. It was back in the Kingdome days and it was awesome. That game was the only Hawks game we went to until they built the new stadium, and the only thing I can remember about the game was how LOUD it was. Even back then, the 12th man was present. I don't remember what year it was. I don't remember who we played. I don't remember if we won or lost. What I DO remember is the noise. The blatant, ear-deafening, crazy, get-off-your-seats NOISE. It was amazing (although I'm pretty sure I didn't fully appreciate it at the time).

Fast forward 15-20 years (holy cow, I'm kind of freaked out I can say that about anything)... the Seahawks are at their peak and it is still CRAZY LOUD. More like ridiculously loud. Teams don't want to play at our house. We move the earth, thank you very much (Beast Quake, anyone?). We have the best defense in the league (Legion of BOOM!) and our coach is a fun guy to boot. Oh, and don't forget that our QB is Russell Wilson. Enough Said.

The past few weeks I've been Hawk-crazy (like almost every Seattleite around these parts) and I've been getting so into the hype and excitement of the big game. I've been reading tons of articles, stalking following the players instagram feeds, watching sportscenter and fox sports one (well, these were always on, but now I just pay attention), even listening to sports talk on the radio. I've become a little obsessed, and it is so much fun. 

I love my Hawks! So. Freaking (stop freakin' call beacon! - Marshawn Lynch). Much. This season has been AMAZING. I got to go to a couple games and the atmosphere in the stadium, especially this year, is unreal. It makes me so proud to be part of this awesome 12th man community. We love our players, every one of them. Whether they talk "too much" in an interview (which, in my opinion, was great - definitely more "classy" than a certain Canadian teenager these days...), or don't want to talk at all, Boss, they are all awesome. Not just the individual players, either. The whole team is awesome. They have each others backs. They win games together. And they love their 12th man. We are with them every game and definitely will be there in New York!

I know my Hawks can do it! We are there to win it all and this time we WILL! We have to because if not my heart just might break in to a million pieces. I kind of feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight! LET'S GO HAWKS! We are with you! Let's bring the BEASTMODE, the LEGION OF BOOM, the 12TH MAN!!! We got this! 

Go Hawks.

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