Saturday, May 10, 2014

Seven Months

Time for a seven month update! I told you I was slooooowwwwwly catching up! Here it is!

- Rolling back and forth easily! Doesn't stay on her tummy for long!

- Sitting up so well and reaching for things way out of reach. 

- Almost crawling... she really wants to and is pushing up really high when on her tummy. 

- Loves her exersaucer and is constantly bouncing and stepping around in there!

- Em is becoming more and more interactive and responsive to her name and when we talk to her. 

- She loves her puppies - she laughs at them and watches them all around the room. 

- We started solids right at six months and have been trying all sorts of new things! She loves peas, but hated sweet potatoes at first! I had heard that some times they need to try something over 8 times before they like it so we kept trying (even if it was just a couple of bites at a time) and now she loves them! It must have been the texture at first or something? She also tried: green beans, squash (her favorite), carrots, bananas, pears, applesauce, and peaches (not her favorite). At first we were letting her "feed herself" (or at least hold on to the spoon while we guided into her mouth) but that turned out to be very very messy and take So, we kind of "broke" her of that and got in a good rhythm where we just shovel it in her mouth. :) Much easier and cleaner! 

- She started getting pretty bad eczema on her neck creases, elbows, back of her knees, and ankles and a little bit on her face around her mouth. From what I read, those are the most common places babies get it. We started applying aquaphor, vaseline, lotion (we tried everything to see what worked the best) every night and every morning. The eczema stuck around though... unfortunately. Luckily, it didn't seem to bother her and she wasn't scratching it. 

- Em loves when her Gramma Vonnie and Auntie BB watch her every week. They have so much fun and get their "Emerson Fix" and she loves playing with them!

- Lots of moving and rolling everywhere. Not quite crawling, but figuring out how to move around a lot by rolling different directions!

- Always smiling and giggling and is so talkative, exploring different sounds of her voice.

- She lights up when her Daddy enters the room. There's something so special about the Daddy-Daughter relationship. :)

- Em does really well in large loud groups of people. We went to Auntie BB's birthday dinner at a loud restaurant. There were probably 15 people in our party and Em got passed around to everyone. She had no problem and just continued being a cutie and charming everyone with her funny little laugh "ha ha" "ha ha". :)

- Her favorite book at the moment is Good Morning Good Night which is a touch and feel book. She loves it when we say "Kitties go MEOW!" "Doggies go WOOF WOOF!" 

- She loves playing Peekabo and is fascinated with Mommy's big toes (for some reason they are very fascinating). 

- Always wants to stand up when we hold her and started "hugging" us when we pick her up. 

- Loves to bite and suck on our chins! Oh, and giving open mouth kisses.

- She's been sleeping really well. She now sleeps on her tummy all the time and moves around a lot in her crib. We put up a crib guard (one of the mesh ones) so her limbs wouldn't get stuck in the crib!

- Great Grandma Hallie came to visit for a couple days with Gramma Vonnie and had a great time watching her!

- Her six month shots were a doozy. They asked if we wanted to do them all at once, or come back another day to finish them up. This time we had the four vaccination shots we had at 2 and 4 months and then an additional flue shot vaccine. Bad idea. #mommyfail. She got a fever that night and was super fussy and was not feeling well. Poor girl was not reacting well to all those shots at once. :( Luckily she was feeling better the next day. I don't like have my girl sick!

- We had some six month photos taken of Em! See them all right here!\

- And finally, she said MAMA! And I totally WIN! :) Sorry Zach, I don't care if it was because she was possibly teething and Mmmmmmma was the sound she was making. It. Still. Counts!

Em's just growing and developing so much these days! It's so fun to watch her grow up and learn new things all the time. We love her so much!

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