Saturday, July 5, 2014

DIY Tufted Headboard

Before we got our new king bed I wanted to update our queen headboard. A few years back, my mother in law and husband DIY'd a tufted headboard for our master bedroom. It was awesome! Here's a reminder on what it looked like...

The cream fabric was great for a while, especially since it was easily interchangeable with different colored duvet covers. But, I was ready for a change. My friend, Kim, had just gotten a similar headboard from Wayfair that I really liked, plus, I had seen a similar DIY version on Sarah M Dorsey Designs (she does the best DIY projects!). Since we already had a good frame, I thought we would give it an upgrade. 

Instead of fabric, I used curtain panels from Target - another tip I got from Sarah! I used two panels similar to these and got them for about $17 each. So, less than $50 we were able to have plenty of fabric to cover our existing headboard, plus add arms. If we weren't going to add the arms, we probably would have only needed panel.

I won't go into detail on how we did it since we basically just had to recover buttons and then put the new curtain panels over the top of the existing fabric. The arms were a little tricky, but Sarah's tutorial was really helpful. 

We also added the brass nailhead trim. It was a pain to get enough matching nailhead tacks - I think I made half a dozen trips to Lowe's to get enough little packs (of about 25 each) to have enough to cover both arms... not an easy or quick process. But, I love the way it looks!

I love how it turned out and honestly, I was a little sad when we got our new bed that we would have to get a new headboard because I loved this one so much! It didn't move far though... now it's in our guest room! 

We also made a headboard for our new bed, which hopefully I will be sharing soon! Still need to get some good pictures of it though... :)

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