Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ten Months

So... I have a one year old now. Yeah.... so crazy! I can't believe how fast this past year has gone - so many changes and so much fun. Now it's time to force myself to finish up these last couple months of Monthly Updates for Emerson! I can't stop now! Must. Finish. All. So here we go!

- Em went on her first airplane ride and boy was it an adventure! We flew down to Arizona for ten days for Zach's medical school graduation. If you are wondering why he had to go to Arizona for his graduation, you'll have to ask me - that's a whole other explanation for another day! Back to the plane ride - it was EX. HAUS. TING. To the max. Seriously, I will never judge another parent/family when they fly again. And especially single mothers. Holy cow. Emerson actually did ok - no major crying, but she was SUPER fidgety and just wanted to be on the ground crawling, not on Mama's lap sitting nicely for just under 3 hours. We tried so many things to keep her entertained. Each toy/book/meal lasted about 5 minutes before we had to shift to something else. Let's just say I was almost in tears when we got off the plane, just from sheer exhaustion of trying my hardest to not be the one with the screaming baby. Well, we succeeded, but at a price to my sanity! The ride home was a little bit better - Zach's parents and sister were on the plane with us so we could pass Em around to keep her busy. And she eventually fell asleep for the last hour of the flight (thank goodness). But, I've vowed not to fly with her again until she can sit in her own seat with an iPad and watch Frozen on repeat. #famouslastwords

- Our Arizona trip was a blast! It was so nice to finally have some awesome family time relaxing in the sun! It was so hot in AZ - it got up to 115 degrees one day. So we did stay inside a lot, went shopping or went in the pool and kept under the umbrellas. I was constantly worried about Emerson staying hydrated, but she did great! We took it easy while there, caught up with old friends, did some shopping, ate out a lot (In 'n Out, duh), and then Zach's parents came for the last 4 days of the trip. It was perfect timing because we got enough family time just the three of us, but also got the extended family time too, which was really fun. Then the last two days, two of Zach's sisters - Katelyn and Bethany - joined us so they could see him graduate. It was so special so have family there to celebrate! Graduation was at 10am (right in the middle of nap time, of course) so thankfully Schmevin (my father-in-law) took Em out to the lobby to walk her around during the ceremony until she fell asleep. Don't worry, he got to see Zach get his hood and diploma, just from a different area! After the graduation we had a pool party back at the house and it was so much fun. Luckily, Em took a nice long nap that afternoon so we could relax and party! I could write a whole other post about Arizona, but it was a fantastic family vacation and we had so much fun! Plus, Zach became a DOCTOR! Say What?!?! It's still so crazy to me, and I am so incredibly proud of my husband!

- When we got back from Arizona, I went back to work for two days and then we were off to Bend, Oregon for a mini family reunion over the long weekend. Again, it was great to be able to relax with family around. And Bend is great. The guys went golfing and we got our fill of corn hole (we definitely need to work on our game!). Emerson got to meet her second cousin, Madi! They had fun together doing typical baby things... staring each other down and Em even gave Madi a little hug. Pretty cute. We also had some delicious food! It was Emerson's first long road trip and she did pretty well. We took lots of breaks along the way - stopping to see Grandpa and Gramma Vonnie in Centralia among other stops. It made for an even longer trip, but really helped break up the trip.

- Emerson is crawling EVERYWHERE. We finally broke down and got a baby gate to block off the fireplace and all the cords and fan. Let me just say it is amazing and although it is so ugly, totally worth it! She's also cruising. Like a boss.

- Her eczema finally cleared up really well. I think it was the Arizona heat that helped it along. It gave me some relief too though (from worrying about it) and I was glad she got some relief too. Although it never seemed to bother her besides stinging a little when I applied lotion, it looked worse than it actually was with all the redness on her poor little skin.

- Em had been so good with the separation anxiety up until this month. Not once has she cried when I dropped her off at daycare. She has fussed a little going to other people, but nothing like this! She all of a sudden was super clingy and wanted to be held by me all the time. Sometimes I didn't mind... so nice to have the cuddles! But, I did miss going to the bathroom without having a crying baby on my hands. :) Luckily it wasn't too bad for too long.

- Lots of Daddy time this month! Zach had about five weeks off before residency started, so we took a month off of daycare and he got to get lots of quality Emerson time. She loved hanging out with her Daddy, but was happy to go back to daycare too.

- She missed her friends Alina and Brecken at daycare! She's learning to be gentle with her friends and not just grab faces. :) Her teachers love her and they all say she gives the best "Emerson hugs!" (I might have said that before, but I'm too lazy to go check if I have right now) :)

- She's definitely exploring her voice and babbling a lot. Lots and lots of gagagagagaga, Mama, Dada.

- She's eating puree really well - applesauce, bananas (not her favorite), peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, pears. We started in full gear with more finger foods - of course she loves cheerios and puffs! But, the other finger foods were really tough to start! We tried bananas, blueberries, green beans, and carrots. She does not like the texture of the chunks of fruits and veggies. Too slippery and slimy for her I guess? Just keep trying is my new motto...

- We also started doing water in a sippy cup for meals and she is doing really well. But, on the flight to Arizona, I thought I had everything ready to go. The one thing I forgot? Nipples for the six bottles of breastmilk I packed. DOH! I was so mad at myself! Luckily I had a sippy cup, though. So we filled it up with some warm breastmilk and tried to feed her. She wouldn't have any of it. Apparently she only drinks milk out of bottles and water out of sippy cups. Only. Those are the rules (still to this day... we're working on it).

- The dogs are still a little unsure of her. I think Buster is still a little bit jealous... he does still pee in the house every now and then. Brody is still a little skiddish, but he gets better and better. She is getting much better about petting them nicely and gently, but she still gets a little bit excited sometimes and her squeals scare Brody. Buster still just likes to give open mouth kisses...

- Her sleeping was thrown off a bit from all the traveling. I did not like sleeping in the same room with her during our travels! I wake up at every little twist, turn, grunt, sniffle. She may have slept OK, but I did not!

- Not walking yet, but she loves her little Sit n Stand Walker. She zooms around on in, but still needs help with the turns.

- Em is always smiling and I love her little two teeth grin so much. It's the cutest.

- She got a bad cough and cold towards the end of the month from the flight and going back to daycare. Not fun, but we are building that immune system!

And now for the photo portion of the post!

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