Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Emerson's One Year Photos

I guess you could say I'm way behind on this blogging-in-real-time thing! Currently I'm typing this out one-handed while holding my little snoodled up Teddy Bear and catching up on Parenthood episodes. :) Life is good. I promise an update is coming on Mr. Theo, complete with a ton of newborn baby pictures. Promise.

For now, I'll leave you with these... Emerson's One Year Photos and our Family Photos. Again, Tami with Lorene Photography took them last August and they turned out so good. Not without a lot of effort though... as you can see, we had to use a lot of props to distract her (Hi Mr. Conductor!). I'm actually surprised that Tami got any good shots at all solely because of how Emerson was so grumpy that day (she captured those emotions too, which are actually some of my faves)! Tami truly knows how to get the smiles out of the little ones though! 

And man, do I miss those delicious baby leg rolls!


  1. Such great photos, I don't remember even seeing all of these before! Glad you posted!



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