Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Six Months

Well, I'm a little behind in this department and I'm slowly going to catch up! Luckily, I've been good about jotting things down on my phone as I remember/as they happen under my "Notes" app. It's really convenient and has been so helpful to write down the little things that I don't remember after a month or two! So, here's a little update of our sixth month with our little stinker.

Six Month Stats: 18.2 lbs, 27 3/4 inches

- Emerson started sitting up on her own! So excited for this milestone! It also meant that she always wanted to sit up, which led to a slow decline in activity in our bouncer chair and the baby swing. Fine with me though - takes up much less room in the house!

- Em started rolling over a ton and doesn't stay on her tummy for long. She is almost rolling from back to front. 

- She's super giggly and happy all the time! Well, most of the time. She definitely has her moments. She loves to do this high pitched cackle!

- She's finding her voice and "blowing bubbles" a lot. 

- Wake up calls at 3 or 4 every morning are the norm. She's wide awake and happy and is just babbling away! Not so happy for Mommy and Daddy...

- She's been getting really good at grabbing her binkie and started putting it back in her mouth all by herself.

- Always wants to hold her own bottle. 

- She's been making friends at daycare! On Valentine's Day, her teachers said she scooted across the room (very slowly) and held hands with her friend Emma! So cute!

- She started moving around her crib when she sleeps. We put her down on her back facing one direction and she wakes up facing the other direction. She also started sleeping on her side. 

- So... the perpetually stuffy nose from daycare has begun.

- At daycare, they make fun projects every once and a while. And by "they" I mean the teachers. :) She did make a pretty cute salt cookie foot print heart (see picture below) and it was so cute. I loved it.

- Em and I also tried to make Daddy a cute Valentine's card. Instead it turned out like a bloody valentine. It's the thought that counts right? #mommyfail

- We bought a high chair! We ended up going with the Ikea high chair that was super cheap (yay!) and so far has worked out great. There is no cloth, which makes for very easy clean up. Plus, it's very neutral with simple lines which I love and it doesn't look to bulky in the kitchen.

- We started solids with a few nights of rice cereal. She liked it but it still took some time to get used to. 

- Loves Sofie the Giraffe and all her chewable toys. Except that Sofie has been renamed to Geraldine by Daddy... 

- Em loves bouncing in her Exersaucer! She bounces all over and can't get enough!

- She's in love with the balloon mobile I made her. She loves trying to catch the balloons and is getting better at it too!

- Em had her first snow day! We went outside to sit in the snow and take some pictures. She wasn't very sure about it - it was so bright out!

- And.... the Seahawks won the SUPERBOWL!!! Not bad for her six month of being alive and she gets to see the Hawks win. Some of us have had to wait a lot longer! :)

Now, for the photo portion of our monthly round up...

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