Sunday, April 6, 2014

Headboard Ideas & Inspiration

Hi guys! I'm back before busy season is over? Shocking, right? In my last post you might remember me mentioning our new Cal King bed! It's been a few weeks now and it's still amazing. I would triple underline that if I could. Why did we ever wait so long before investing in a really comfortable mattress??? Never again! Totally worth the money. Since then I have slept so well every night (just not long enough). My back and neck are in less pain and I sleep so deeply. I'm in love. If you don't know me, one of my favorite things in the world is a crawling into a super comfy bed with crisp clean sheets on. Best. Thing. Evaaaaaaaaa. 

OK, enough on my obsession with clean sheets and comfy beds. On to the headboard. I've literally been dreaming about it lately. I loved our previous head board so much and I was kind of sad to see it go (it only moved to our guest bedroom along with our old queen sized bed). With the new bed, our room just feels empty without having a substantial headboard to ground everything and bring some style. 

The sad part is I don't think I even shared my old headboard with you guys! Oops... blogger fail. It's on my list for after April 15th though, so fear not! We actually re-upholstered our old old headboard and used Sarah's plans to update it to a charcoal gray with arms headboard. It turned out great and I love it. I'll share pics soon!

As for our new headboard, I want to go similar - I'm still loving the tufted upholstered headboards these days. This time, I want to go with some deeper, diamond tufting and a bright pop of color. I'm thinking something like this but with side arms. I'm actually kind of obsessed with this color fabric and the tufting. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I also like this headboard, not for the color, but for the overall style of the headboard this is what we will be shooting for (that's also our duvet cover!). Right now we are just making the headboard piece, but one day we might try and build the bedskirt/bed frame part as well.

I'm also digging this (for the color), this (for color and diamond tufting), this, this, and this. Lots of inspiration. 

I'd love to find some beautiful turquoise velvet fabric, but I don't know how realistic that is without spending an arm and a leg, so we'll see. But, I did find this teal microsuede and this peacock microsuede and ordered a sample of each to make sure. Samples were only $1.50 each, which is well worth it to me since we will be spending so much on fabric (probably 4-5 yards). We'll see how they look in person, but I'm excited and hopefully after striking out in the fabric department at JoAnn's.

Can't wait to get started in a couple weeks and complete our "new" bedroom!


  1. I think you have the cutest favorite is the one on the top. I am a little partial to teal :)!

    My husband is an auditor, and although his busy season his a little different than yours, I have no idea how you accountants do it!

    1. Thanks Autumn! Teal/turquoise/aqua is the best!

      Honestly, don't know how I'm surviving either... but one week to go!




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