Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Home: Bedroom

As I promised last week, here's a little bit about our bedroom. Oooh la la. Not like that... come on! For some reason, in two out of the last three places we've lived (three different places in three years!) we've created a funky bedroom set up right when we move in and then don't get around to updating the layout until months and months later. Well, we are at about the six month mark and finally made the change. 

Before, our bed was the first thing we walked into when we came in the door. I had to walk right-left-left around the bed to get to my side. Not good flow at all. One of the reasons we had it that way was because that was the only full wall in the room that we could put our headboard against. The opposite wall has an off-centered window that was cramping my style.

I really don't like our dressers. Not one bit. Oh, IKEA. You get me every time with your cheap prices and cheaply made products. Anyways, back on point. We switched it up. A big old Flip. Flop. How did we remedy the off centered window on the other side of the room? We put a bird curtain on it of course!

We took the two green IKEA curtains from each window and combined them on one long curtain rod to cover most of the wall. It gives the perfect backdrop for our neutral headboard.

Since we never really used that window, I didn't mind covering it up and making it look like it didn't even exist at all. Not having as much light doesn't bother us either. You know... since we only go in there to sleep. I love how it turned out. The best part is that it totally works a lot better for the flow of the room. Now husband can keep all his clothes on the floor by the window instead of right in front of the door where I used to step on them. :)

I've got big plans for the blank wall across from the bed and for the dresser. It involves a scarf and a frame. Still working on putting the two together. Right now the dresser is kind of a holding place for all my frames. Since we don't have much display storage in our house, the long dresser is the spot until we get another solution (which might be soon!). I also added some sheer IKEA curtains over the remaining naked window since the green curtains got moved behind the headboard. 

It's so dramatic. I love the added color too. More of the green and less of the blue on one wall that came with the place. I like the blue (it's the same color out in our living room) but it doesn't really go with the whole green color scheme we have going on. 

Any re-arranging in your world lately? I love how it gives you the feeling of a fresh start. Something new and exciting. At least for a little while. 

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