Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Home: The Living Room

If my Grandma was reading this, she would be so happy right now. She lives down in Portland and doesn't get the chance to come visit very much (just wait til you're in your 80s!), but she loves seeing photos of where we live. So, here goes, Gram! I'm finally getting around to sharing some pictures. It's our little tiny house, so it might go quick, but I'm going to start with the living room (probably the room we use the most). 

Last weekend we got the spring winter new year cleaning bug and decided to switch things up. Since we moved in to our little house last August, we've had our big sectional sofa broken up because our living room is pretty small. Our sofa's L shape goes the wrong way and we didn't think there was a way to fit it together and still have enough space to walk across the room. 

Here's a little trip around the room to show how we had it before, starting with the view from the kitchen.

While I didn't really mind having the sectional broken up (at least we still had a working couch), it had been starting to bug me recently. I missed our huge comfy couch! And not having an arm on one side of the couch was just weird to me. So, we finally got our butts in gear and switched it up! 

First, we tried putting the wrong-facing L along the picture frame wall. That gave us about 6 inches of space to get to through to the hallway. Not going to work.

After that, we decided to try and keep the main couch how it was and just move it across the window  (towards the picture frame wall), then bring the other half directly over and reconnect the two. It was like  reuniting long lost loves. Two peas in a pod. Twins separated at birth. And when they reconnected, it was glorious! 

Now we have our huge sectional back together and I. Am. Loving. It. It just feels complete. Plus, now we have a cute little reading nook (that we will probably never use, but I still like it).

Don't mind the cords... we had to rearrange how our TV (and all the other electronic junk) was hooked up. 

Oh, also don't mind the nice black smoke stains on our fireplace... we had a little trouble getting our fireplace to work properly, but now it works fine!

We still have about 3-3 1/2 feet of walking space between the end of the chaise and the fireplace. Just enough to have a little walkway. 

So that's our little living room. It's cozy and now it feels more complete. 

Have you done any re-arranging lately? Got the new-year cleaning bug like us? There's more where this came from too... we re-arranged our bedroom too! Coming soon...

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