Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Art (Sort Of)

Let's first start with the new part of it. I just got this frame for $7 at Goodwill a couple weeks ago and I'm kicking myself a little bit because she had an identical twin sister I didn't buy. I guess I was being a little frugal with my allowance, so I didn't go for both (I mean $7, that's a lot out of my $100 monthly allowance). Oh well. I like my aqua frame as a single. And come on, check out that flower print. All the way from 1996. Mmmmhmmm.

So that's the new-ish part. Now for the sort-of part. I've had this print for about a year and a half and haven't had a frame to put it in because it's kind of a weird size. It's from Katie Daisy and it might be one of my favorite hanging pictures in my house now. You might recognize the quote from here (I really like it).

The print goes really well with the teal frame. Love it. I did have to get a little crafty with it since there was no matting and the frame was still a little too big. I turned the painting it came with over and used an off white acrylic paint to cover the part that would be showing. I think it turned out pretty decent and is a good temporary solution until I get some custom matting.

I love how well the color of the frame and the print go together. A perfect combo in my book! Have you used (or re-used) any thrifted frames lately? Have you found any unique colored frames? 

Live in the sunshine Swim in the sea Drink in the wild air. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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