Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snow Days!

A couple weeks ago we had a huge snow storm here in Seattle. And by huge snow storm, I mean we had about 6-8 inches of snow and ice. It may not seem that bad to those of you that grew up in Michigan, Wisconsin or where you have snow on a regular basis, but to us "rainy" folk here in Seattle, it's a lot! Especially since Seattle is basically on a huge hill and has no infrastructure for snow (i.e., no snow plows). 

Anyways, we got a couple days off to enjoy the snow. It was all great until our power went off on Thursday about 10am and didn't come back on until we got home from work on Friday. Thursday was probably one of the most miserable days - we couldn't really venture out because of the ice covering the snow, no power = no heat, and the big window we have in our front room is single-pane, so we had to keep the curtains closed to keep the heat in, leaving us with less light. Snow just causes problems! But it sure it fun and pretty for the first couple of days. :) 

Of course, Buster was all over the snow. He was our little vacuum cleaner - went around the yard, nose to the snow. He also liked to catch the falling snowflakes and just eat the snow in general. Here's some pictures...

After 24 hours of snow and some freezing rain, the trees were heavy with ice! So heavy, that with the little bit of wind that came, some of the huge trees were losing branches. All Thursday night I heard the smaller branches fall from the trees and I was scared the whole tree was going to fall through the roof! Luckily, we came through with just a big branch leaning against the house. No damage, thank goodness!

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