Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Finally... Geez!

Usually I'm a little behind the times. I will admit I'm no trendsetter, but I like to be on trend. Does that make sense? Well anyways, I finally hopped on two bandwagons this week. One: Colored Denim. Two: Hunter Boots. 

I got two pairs of colored skinny jeans (and I almost got some colored cords... still thinking on them) - one mustard yellow and one bright blue. I LOVE them! I literally did not want to take them off to pay they were so comfy! I got these ones and these ones from The Limited (one of my favs). Best part - they were buy one/get one 50% off! Woot! 

And the Hunters. I've always loved my rain boots. I've gone through a few pairs through the years (from Target) in fun colors and patterns, but after a season the heels usually blow out and the rubber gets weak.  Now I'm excited to check out these supposedly awesome boots and see if they really are as tough as people say they are (all 1,500+ positive reviews!). I ordered them yesterday so we'll see how I like them! 

Just thought I'd share! What are your favorite pieces for Fall?

1 comment:

  1. Yay! Love both colored denim and my hunters. I think you will too :)



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