Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oops... I Did It Again

I played with your heart... I bought some more fabric. Oh yeah yeah. That's as close to Britney as I'll get. :) 

Sunday I went down to PDX with my mom to see my grandparents (and my brother was there too - hi dude!). Apparently my Grandma wants to get on the Facebook. She's 87 and barely knows how to turn on her computer. But I fully support it! Go Grandma Go!

After our visit, we stopped by Fabric Depot, one of my favorite places to get fabric. Great discounts and tons and tons of fabric. I love it. I grabbed a ton of samples and had a hard time deciding! I knew I wanted navy or charcoal gray, so I started there. So many choices...

I really want this chair to be classic. I love the unique shape of it and think the shape alone is enough to make it stand out. Since this is technically Zach's chair, he wanted a manly fabric with some texture and a solid color. I was in agreement too, especially since I already have my wing back lady I reupholstered back in May with a bright fun pattern. 

So what did we settle on? We got the one on the far right! It has great texture, is pretty thick and the color is amazing. Here's another close up and then below is the fabric from afar. It looks a lot lighter in the bottom picture, but it's definitely a deep rich charcoal and I love it (and so does Zach)!

See how there's just enough texture to keep it interesting, but hopefully still solid enough to let the shape of the chair and the tufting stand out? I think we made a good choice. 

As for cost... I got six yards at $21.99/yard, plus 35% off with my Mom's coupon (thanks, Mom!), plus no sales tax(!). Total cost - $85.76. Not too bad. A lot cheaper the other wing back chair fabric, but I ended up getting an extra yard of fabric for this one since there's a lot of piping and we'll need to cover the tufted buttons. 

I love it. I got home late Sunday night and Zach already wanted to get started taking the chair apart. I was like, Whoa there buddy. Calm down. But I did like his enthusiasm. Hopefully we'll find a free weekend to take this guy apart soon. Right now he looks like a lady chair, but I can guarantee he'll be a masculine hunk of curvy tuftedness by the time we are done with him. 

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