Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Black Frame Obsession?

Yes. You could say that. We had a big empty wall in our new house that needed sprucing up. Luckily, I am a hoarder of black frames.

I always love a collage of frames that fill a wall. It gives interest, color, and fun! This time, I used a technique I saw over on Young House Love (brilliant!).

Step 1: Lay your frames on the floor to get the right spacing and layout you want.
Step 2: Cut newspaper or printer paper to fit each frame.

Step 3: Use tape to put up the paper on the wall in the layout you want. The best part about using this technique is that you can play around with the layout before you put a bunch of holes in the wall. It took me a couple tries before I got the right situation. Try number one:

Try number two (winner!):

Step 4: Measure the hangers on the back of the pictures and mark accordingly on your paper (you can do this before you hang them up too - probably easier). Hammer in the nails on top of the paper right in to the wall.

Step 5: Pull off the paper and voila! You have yourself some nails in all the right places.

Step 6: Hang your pictures and paintings!

Now we can display all our paintings and pictures from our travels. I love looking at them. I find myself gazing over every day and remembering all our fun memories. Do you have any helpful picture-hanging tips? Any other ways to prevent putting 50 holes in your wall before finding the perfect spot?

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