Sunday, October 9, 2011

German Bowl Champions!

Yesterday my brother's team (the Unicorns) won the German Bowl!! How AWESOME is that?!?


After trying (unsuccessfully) to get the game feed online, we were finally able to at least get a play by play stats update from the German Football League website. It was good, but frustrating since it was such a close game and the website wouldn't update at times. It was also frustrating when we couldn't tell how much time was left at the end of the game! It was killing us! But, the outcome was good great so I guess we can't complain. Just a small heart attack in the process. :)

Final score: 48-44 (see final game stats here or here). The Unicorns got their first German Bowl win and extended their undefeated season to 16-0 in front of 11,711 fans! Here's a video of my bro hurdling a player on the game winning drive, some fireworks after the game, and an article on the big win (make sure to translate to English!).

MVP Aaron Boehme!!!

I'm so proud of my baby brother! German Bowl Champion! Congratulations, Dude!


PS Find some more awesome pictures here.

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