Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Power Drills, Polka Dots, and Pumpkins

In a nutshell, that just about sums up our pumpkin carving adventures from last night. We went over to my sister-in-law, Katelyn's, apartment for some delicious dinner and picked up some pumpkins on the way.

After taking out all the guts, I couldn't decide on a design for my pumpkin (I wanted to do something different than usual) until I came across this inspiration on Pinterest.

Martha, you get me every time. I couldn't resist the fun polka dots (they are my favorite) and decided to wait until I got home to break out my power drill. The hubby and sister-in-law got right to it though. Check out their sweet pumpkins.

I especially liked the mister's pumpkin (the one on the left) straight out of Nightmare Before Christmas.

After getting home and making some Pumpkin Bars (recipe to follow soon!) I whipped out my drill and started drilling. It was actually pretty fun! A little messy, but very exhilarating.

I'm definitely happy with the result! Look how it shines and sparkles. So much fun.

I was so excited to put them out on our front porch. We might even get some trick-or-treat-ers this year since we are in a house in a neighborhood!

Happy Halloween!

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