Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buster the Puppy

I found this pic while photo dumping pics from my old iPhone. Look how tiny BBoy was! I remember we went to pick him up one night after work. We found him on Ebay (no, we didn't bid on him). He had a sister on the ad (which, don't tell Buster, but I originally wanted) but it was meant to be that we got the Buster Boo. Although, if his sister was still there with him, I'm positive we would have ended up with two dogs. I mean, look at him!

We drove across Phoenix to this house in a semi-sketchy neighborhood and got him from a family that had a bunch of animals. We walked in the door to a huge bird cage with parrots. It was weird and probably borderline puppy mill. Anyways, we saw him and knew he was ours.

He was so tiny and sleepy and really scared because someone had taken up his sister the night before. I held him the whole way home and he was shaking and wondering what the heck was going on. It was a long few nights... he cried ALL night.

And what a little handful he was... It was rough going at the beginning, but we all made it through and now he is such a good puppy. We love him and he is the perfect little guy for us. Still a handful, but always fun and never boring! Love you Buster Boo!

PS see some more of our Buster adventures here.

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