Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY: Pom Poms

I guess I'm just in a crafty mood these days. Christmas will do that to you. This year I'm kinda obsessed with pom poms. They are just so cute! And since we have a lot of extra yarn laying around, it just makes sense that we use up some of our leftovers (saving some bones, woot!). I'm using them as ornaments, to wrap presents, and as other random decoration around the house. 

I found this tutorial last week (also one of my new favorite blog reads), and realized how easy it was to make the little pom poms. First, grab some yarn in a pretty color (or an ugly color, if that's what you're in to). I chose some pink, white, and gray for the ornaments I made.

Then start wrapping the yarn around 3 or 4 of your fingers (I think 3 is the best size). You can wrap as much or as little as you want, but the bigger, the better in my opinion. That way you get some nice fat little poms. 

Cut off an extra piece of yarn (leave enough length to tie a knot and if you are making an ornament, enough to hang on the tree). Notice the handle of the scissors... Buster got to them (of course).

Next, take your scissors and start cutting the little loops on either side. Once you're done cutting, you can shape the pom how you want to make it more even.

If it's still looking a little scruffy, you can start trimming so it's all round and perfect and pom-my. 

I gave these to my two friends, Kim and Shan, for our ornament exchange this year. Like I said, kind of  obsessed. 

Have you made any ornaments this year? Obsessed with poms like me? :)

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