Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hobo Mittens

Apparently, the actual term is fingerless mitts, not hobo mittens, but I prefer the latter. It just makes more sense. The hubby and I (yes, you heard me) have been on a knitting binge recently. The hubby actually taught me how to knit (awesome, right?). It's nice to have something to do while we're I'm watching all those cheesy lifetime Christmas movies. ;) 

My first project was a scarf for BBoy, just to get back in to knitting and re-learn the whole knit/purl thing. It was far from my masterpiece.

Next up, I wanted to try the circular knitting thing, so I decided to make Z a stocking for Christmas. However, I made it way to big and got bored of going around in circles. Thus, another scarf for BBoy. It turned out to be the perfect little puppy hipster scarf.

Enough practicing. I was ready for the big leagues. Time to get serious and make some hobo mittens. I found this pattern and got started. 

It was easy enough... mostly just knitting in the round (I used the four needle approach instead of the connected needles) and a few tricky slips and purls. But, I actually finished them! And they are pretty rockin'. I used smaller needles than I should have, so they are pretty tight (and that's after adding 6 stitches), so I would definitely use the right size needle next time. Overall, they are really warm and cozy and I love them. 

Have you done any knitting lately? Crocheting? (Is it just me, or does that word look like it's spelled funny?) 

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